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#171725 - Sun May 11 2003 03:34 PM Any Trekkies Available?
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A hospital in Oregon is in search of a Klingon-English interpreter.

Klingon is the language of the Star Trek television series and movies.

The hospital has had mental patients who would only speak in the Trekkies' language so they're looking for someone fluent enough to translate information for them.

Read more here.

#171726 - Sun May 11 2003 03:48 PM Re: Any Trekkies Available?
ericaC Offline

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Oh my! Well, can't say that I know Klingon (darn!). I should call up my religion prof- he translated the Old Testament into Klingon in college. Now there's someone with too much time on his hands...
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#171727 - Sun May 11 2003 03:53 PM Re: Any Trekkies Available?
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Funny that this story broke at the same time the movie "Daddy Day Care" opened, as there's a kid in that film who suffers from the identical problem. (Of course, he's "cured" of it at the end).


#171728 - Sun May 11 2003 04:35 PM Re: Any Trekkies Available?
Tielhard Offline

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Thank you Lanni you have made my week. This is funny and sad at the same time.

Where will it stop I ask myself?

Parselmouth translator to the London Zoo?
Advanced Teletubbies studies co-ordinator for BBC/OU?
The Doolittle chair in linguistics at Cambridge?
Pratchettian Dwarf for Wombles teacher?
Regards, Tielhard

#171729 - Sun May 11 2003 05:25 PM Re: Any Trekkies Available?
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#171730 - Sat Jun 07 2003 11:42 PM Re: Any Trekkies Available?
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The Trek universe has spawned several 'languages' including : Klingon, Battle-Klingon, Romulan, Vulcan and Bajoran. There seem to be large numbers of people with too much time on their hands. Pass me that Babel fish. Regards and Qapla!, Tin
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#171731 - Sun Jun 08 2003 01:14 PM Re: Any Trekkies Available?
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Babylon 5 has even started doign a language... someone did the Religious caste language for the Minbari. There's a dictionary at
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