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#171806 - Mon May 12 2003 05:07 PM Is There A War In Ghana?
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This morning someone asked me if there is a war currently going on in Ghana. I'm not aware of any, but I wanted to be sure, since this person is planning on going to Ghana. I tried googling it, but I couldn't find anything useful (not surprising given the media's lack of interest regarding that part of the world). So, does anyone know of any current war in Ghana?
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#171807 - Mon May 19 2003 12:56 AM Re: Is There A War In Ghana?
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Ghana is a peaceful country located on the west coast of is bounded on the north by Burkina Faso,on the east by Togo,on the west by Cote d`Ivoire and on the south by the Atlantic Ocean.Formerly a British colony known as the Gold Coast,Ghana was the first nation in sub-Saharan Africa to achieve independence in 1957.With total land area of 92,100 square miles Ghana is a blessed land endowed with natural mineral resources such as gold,diamonds,timber,cocoa etc.Its population is approximately 18.8 million.This is all from the official Ghanian government website.After reading it I feel like going to live there!Further searches on the net have failed to find any items regarding a war which may or may not be occurring in this country.I did read one item on the Australian Foreign Affairs webpage that indicated that there had been some trouble there in the past but according to this page the trouble has ceased,one of the reasons cited for this was the fact that the adopting of the english language as the official language has brought feuding factions together!!
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#171808 - Mon May 19 2003 05:42 AM Re: Is There A War In Ghana?
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'roos, could you send this post to a fellow named Kofi Annan at the UN and somehow convince him to go BACK there-- for good?


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