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#177534 - Tue Jun 10 2003 08:52 PM Fat Tax
Lanni Offline

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Doctors in Australia are looking for the government to impose a "fat tax," a tax put on foods laden in fats and sugars, in order to combat the country's obesity.

Recently, Britain looked into a similar tax.

Would anyone support a "fat tax"?


#177535 - Tue Jun 10 2003 11:26 PM Re: Fat Tax
ozzz2002 Offline

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Fat chance

You have to admire the ingenuity of politicians, though- if they could possibly find a way to tax breathing, they would! I will bet London to a meat pie that such a tax will never be imposed on silver service dinners at Parliament House.
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#177536 - Wed Jun 11 2003 12:40 AM Re: Fat Tax
Copago Offline

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Nothing fun is forgiven anymore, is it? More taxes on smokes, grog and now junk food. Shhesh.

#177537 - Wed Jun 11 2003 02:12 AM Re: Fat Tax
TabbyTom Offline

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Over here, now that we've got a "single market" in the EU, you can buy goods in other EU countries and bring them in person into the UK without paying British duties and taxes, so long as they're for your own use and not for re-sale. So there's a continuous stream of cars and vans through Dover, loaded mainly with booze and tobacco, and of course a vast amount of smuggling of booze and tobacco for illegal re-sale.

If we had a "fat tax", we'd soon be seeing under-the-counter sales of potato crisps and chocolate biscuits, and news bulletins would tell of Customs raids and seizures of millions of pounds worth of peanut butter and clotted cream.
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#177538 - Wed Jun 11 2003 04:22 AM Re: Fat Tax
DieHard Offline

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I never met a tax that I did like. Taxation is a government racket run amok, so no, in no shape or form would I support a 'fat tax'.
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