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#182177 - Mon Jun 30 2003 08:42 AM Does your town have a fair?
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Loc: Western Canada
In the small Alberta town where I live, the rodeo is the big event of the year. Besides the rodeo itself, (a fairly big stop on the tour) the whole town gets involved in many different activities. We shut down Main Street for one evening, holding a sort of street fair - there's karaoke, bed races, a chili cook-off (this is a great way to feed your teenage boy - for a dollar you get a paper cup, and then go around to the booths, set up by businesses, or organizations such as Girl Guides, sampling their chili, and voting for the best tasting). On another afternoon, most of the businesses in town shut down so everyone can go to the barbeque. On Saturday morning we have the parade, which everyone is involved with - last year my daugther had a choice of three different floats that she could have gone on, and this is not unusual. There is also a carnival, and dances, and live free music at the Elks Hall, and on and on.
Rodeo Weekend really invoves the community here more than anyplace else I've ever lived. Does anybody else have something like this?

#182178 - Mon Jun 30 2003 11:26 AM Re: Does your town have a fair?
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Not a rodeo, we have the Battle of Flowers which, despite the name, doesn't involve any fighting although many years ago the floral floats were pulled apart and the flowers thrown. Battle of Flowers week is excellent and the procession (which is not free) is well worth seeing, once. They also have a moonlit parade which I have yet to visit, that is relatively new. I must say the floral floats are magnificent, you can see some here
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#182179 - Mon Jun 30 2003 01:47 PM Re: Does your town have a fair?
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Loc: Virginia USA

In summer we have the main county fair, which has arts, crafts, food, and carnival type rides.

In February, we have the Chocolate Lover's Festival, which has...chocolate of all imaginable kinds.

In Fall, we have the Book Fair.

And then, every now and then there ill be some other small themed fair, usually with arts and crafts, a moonbounce, food, and local charities asking for money from various tables.

Also, there is a travelling carnival with rides that sets up in the summer around shopping malls--stays for a few weeks and then moves to another mall in the county.

No rodeos, though. No greased pig contests or anything like that. This here's the suburbs, I'm afraid, so it's mostly arts, crafts, food, and rides.
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#182180 - Mon Jun 30 2003 03:42 PM Re: Does your town have a fair?
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Most Counties in the UK have their Annual Show - a mixture of animals, flowers, vegetables, crafts and home wine makers (my favourite stand). It is a sad state of affairs that some have been axed because the local government can't afford to support a couple of days of entertainment anymore!

#182181 - Wed Aug 13 2003 04:43 PM Re: Does your town have a fair?
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I had these fairs or festivals in the Philippines:
Araquio Festival
Ati-Atihan Festival
Flores De Mayo (Flowers of May)
Philippines' Mardi Gras

However, right now, the Calgary Stampede would be the festival of my city.
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#182182 - Wed Aug 13 2003 04:59 PM Re: Does your town have a fair?
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My city hosts the Louisiana State Fair every October. However, I can drive 180 miles to the west and take my family to Six Flags for what it costs to go to the fair.

However, we have great festivals all year long: Red River Revel, Mudbug Madness, Rumble on the Red, Holiday in Dixie, etc etc.; almost one every month.
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#182183 - Wed Aug 13 2003 05:07 PM Re: Does your town have a fair?
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We have the Erie County Fair which is one of the BIGGEST county fairs in the country. Going back home tomorrow with boyfriend to show him the thing...

It's pretty cheap to get in, and if you walk around a bit, you can find food for a decent price... And just limit the midway rides! I usually walk around and look at all of them and remember which ones from years past weren't that good (like one of the fun houses that looked great from the outside, but was dirty and a piece of junk on the inside). This way, I can narrow it down to the rides I really want to ride.
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#182184 - Thu Aug 14 2003 03:07 AM Re: Does your town have a fair?
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Do we ever. The RNA Show (Royal National and Agricultural) is currently running here in Brisbane. It is usually known as "The Ekka". That's just part of the great Australian Tradition of shortening words that we can't be bothered saying in full. It's short for exhibition.

I went on Tuesday night. Did the rides, watched the fireworks and a display of motocross riding and precision stunt driving. Unfortunately all the livestock had gone to bed by the time I got there so I missed the cows and sheep and the like. I also missed the sheep dogs and the woodchopping, my 2 favouring events.
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#182185 - Thu Aug 14 2003 03:23 AM Re: Does your town have a fair?
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In winter, a Book Fair is held in our city, Cacutta. It is normally held in the months January and February. There are a lot of stalls which selll thousands of books. Being a avid bookworm myself, I really love it.

#182186 - Thu Aug 14 2003 04:03 AM Re: Does your town have a fair?
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We have lots of festivals, not usually fairs in the accepted sense. (Only lots of deadly boring trade fairs) . Here are some of our great festivals.My favourite is soon, the Moon Festival:
HK Festivals
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#182187 - Thu Aug 14 2003 12:50 PM Re: Does your town have a fair?
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It was Battle of Flowers today, tomorrow night they have the moonlight parade then it is all over for another year.

The next major event for us is Battle of Britain week in September, we always get an air display with the Red Arrows as the finale, wonderful.
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