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#202659 - Sat Nov 22 2003 01:22 PM Guidelines
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To make life easier for our members and moderators we ask you to follow a few simple

Please do not use all capital letters (uppercase) as this is considered to be shouting
and is not polite.

Please do not use all lowercase letters, standard practices should be followed, capital
letters at the beginning of sentences, for proper nouns and of course for the word I.

Do not use abbreviations such as u for you, 4 for for.

Apart from the appearance, firstly not all our members have English as their first language and it makes reading more difficult for them. Some of our members are older and neither understand nor appreciate the abbreviations. We also ask that members try to take care over spellings. Last but not least, moderators have to read every post in their forums, when posts are in nothing but upper/lowercase letters they are that much more difficult to read.

Birthdays and anniversaries

While we appreciate it is a lovely idea to remember such occasions by posting a thread
at FunTrivia we woud ask you to stop and think of the implications. We have many
members, some posting here on a regular basis, some only peeping into the forums and
spending most of their time at Quizzyland - it is still a lot of members. If we allowed a
thread for each birthday/anniversary we would have a forum full of nothing but
birthday threads. We used to have a forum which was for 'seasonal events' this was
soon taken over with celebrations and nothing else. This forum was removed last year
and a valuable lesson learned. Please help us by using the PM system for wishing your
FT friends good wishes.


Please keep your signatures short, the Administrators ask that we do not post more
than a few lines as space costs money. Apart from anything else, few people take the
trouble to read a lengthy signature. Do not use images in signatures.

Where to post a new topic

There are many forums, all have a theme - music, movies/TV, books and so on. Please
think before posting a new thread, is the forum you are in the most appropriate?
Sometimes it is difficult to decide where a topic fits, if the Moderator of the forum feels
it is misplaced they will move it a more appropriate forum and close it in the forum you
posted in but sometimes it is very obvious that the forum is not correct. Please think
before you post.


This is particularly aimed at some of the younger members of FunTrivia. The people at
FunTrivia mostly appear to be kind and genuine people and hopefully they are what
they appear to be. However there are some extremely unpleasant people using the
Internet and they will attempt to become your friend, they will often lie about their
age, sex and just about everything else in order to get to know you. Before you enter
into any communication with people on the Internet speak with your parents as to
what you are doing, tell them if someone contacts you. Do NOT contact people by PM
asking them to be your friend when they are total strangers to you, this is particularly
inappropriate when young girls contact older men. If these men were to contact you in
this way your parents would be angry and concerned with good cause. At FunTrivia we
try to watch out for younger members but at the end of the day you have to look out
for yourselves. I say that I am a woman of 55, but am I? I could be a man of 40 and
you wouldn't know any difference. Do not trust people you meet on the Internet. Talk
to your parents about Internet safety. Above all be safe.

Advertising and spam

Anyone wishing to advertise on this site should check with the Webmaster. Any unauthorised advertising will be classified as spam and will be deleted, the member is likely to be banned from FunTrivia.


People wishing to use FunTrivia's members for surveys, perhaps for college projects,
should contact the Administrators of the site for permission before posting.

Responding to offensive posts

Please stop and think before you respond to a post which you find very offensive, you might be providing precisely what the poster was aiming at. Some people post offensive material in the hopes of causing outrage, by responding you are feeding them. Please post a simple message in Feedback saying there is an offensive post, the forum name and could it be attended to.

Thank you for your co-operation.

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#202660 - Sun Dec 31 2006 06:29 AM Re: Guidelines
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Sometimes newer member bring up old threads by posting in them. Often these threads can be years old and as this forum is for current events they are often off topic now. To avoid this we will be locking older threads once they are no longer current, should you really need to post in the actual thread please contact a moderator of this forum who can unlock it, otherwise, if it is just something similar to an older thread please start a fresh thread.

It is going to take us some time to get all older threads locked so please check the date on threads before responding.

Many a child has been spoiled because you can't spank a Grandma!


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