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#20681 - Wed Nov 10 1999 07:55 PM Re: Have a Net !!
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How about LaCrosse. The first hockey ever played. Hockey was dirived from the indians who played this game with their enemies. It was played as a fatal game and a substitute for war.

Chris McGuinn

Chris McGuinn

#20682 - Wed May 17 2000 10:48 PM Re: Have a Net !!
Jabberwock Offline

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you'll have to excuse me but I have been going through all the old posts (it's fun), and I saw this one with an unanswered question.
question was: What is Ringette?

Ringette is a game that is like hockey.
The sticks are hockey sticks, but with the blade cut off.
The "ring" is what is used in place of a puck. It's a ring, about 8 inches total diameter, made of rubber (I think, going off memory here). The hole in the middle is about 4-5 inches, making the ring itself about 1-2 inches wide. (hope that made sense)
We used to play this in Physical Education in high school. ( pretty sure that it is considered a women's sport, don't ask me why tho)
I think it should be an acceptable answer. Besides, it is not as tricky as the "net" on rally cars.

silly of me to not just do a search and post this link, heh.
Looks like this is a Canadian thing..
'nuff said =)

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