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#213135 - Mon Feb 16 2004 02:54 PM Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn (Feb Book of the Month
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I'm not sure how far people have got with this book so far. I suggest we start posting in a week's time (say on Monday 23rd).
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#213136 - Fri Feb 20 2004 06:04 AM Re: Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn (Feb Book of the Month
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Just galloped over to meet my mobile library in the hope of picking up my copy, but as it's half term the minibus was crammed full of jigsaws, toys and kiddies books.

No luck with my book, unfortunately. However, my ever helpful librarian had stashed "Virgin" by the same author under the counter for me. It opens with the death of Henry VIII, and Elizabeth, Anne's daughter, is thirteen years old. I'm hoping that later in the book there will be some flashbacks of her thoughts about her mother.

There are six copies of "Secret Diary" in a 30 mile radius that he could draw from and all have been constantly on loan for weeks with a backlog of reservations too. When I asked why it was so popular he smirked that it has the reputaion of being a bit of a bodice-ripper.

I wondered what had kept you all so quiet!!
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#213137 - Thu Feb 26 2004 11:54 AM Re: Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn (Feb Book of the Month
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I have to confess absolute ignorance to the monarchy. It was not something that was taught in the school I went to; and although curious never really had the chance to go in depth into the subject. This book was a welcome read and history lesson for me.

The book supposes that Queen Elizabeth is presented with a diary that belonged to her mother, Anne Boleyn. Anne wrote faithfully in this journal until her beheading. While this book is listed as fiction, many parts are rooted in fact, therefore I don't feel as if I am "giving away" secrets or the ending of this book. It is public knowledge that Anne Boleyn was the 2nd of Henry the VIII's wives; and was beheaded. It is public knowledge that her sister Mary Boleyn was Henry's mistress before her.

What I find ultimately ironic is that for a society where women were bargaining chips, used to gain alliances thru marriage; a woman such as Anne Boleyn could turn Henry the 8th on his ear and motivate him to such a radical religious manuever. Especially when you consider that Anne was described in an almost superstitious way, having a 6th finger, and a "wen"(?) or mole on her neck that she tried to cover up.

As Queen Elizabeth reads thru her departed mother's diary, you come to an understanding of perhaps why she remained the "Virgin Queen".
Good selection!
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