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#288944 - Thu Dec 22 2005 02:10 AM Gay "Marriages"
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With the new laws allowing same-sex civil unions coming into effect in the UK, I'm wondering about a few details. For instance, will there be equal press coverage of the first gay divorces?

But my major nagging worry is about Elton John - or, more specifically, his new husband. What with Elton being Sir Elton, does that make David a Dame? Or another 'Sir' perhaps?

Of course I'm mostly going for the giggles with this, but I am also genuinely interested.

#288945 - Thu Dec 22 2005 06:13 AM Re: Gay "Marriages"
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What gets me about this is the way that the church made it perfectly clear for months beforehand that this would NOT be a marriage, but a civil partnership. And then, on the day of the first civil partnerships, members of the church were gathering outside the service buildings protesting and throing rocks, claiming that it was "a vile day", and that there 'marriages' were "an atrocity to God".

No-one tell the church that it actually has sod all to do with them.

Of course Elton John and David Furnish are only the third couple to get partnered after the Irish lesbians and the gay couple from Yorkshire...
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#288946 - Thu Dec 22 2005 07:30 AM Re: Gay "Marriages"
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The first gay couple in the US to receive a civil union license recently made headlines last week....

#288947 - Thu Dec 22 2005 08:17 AM Re: Gay "Marriages"
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Ing, the question about title is a very good one. I had never thought of that particular ramification. What does one call the husband of a female knight? I guess I would assume that the same would be the appropriate title.
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#288948 - Thu Dec 22 2005 09:27 AM Re: Gay "Marriages"
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I ain't going near this one !
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#288949 - Thu Dec 22 2005 10:36 AM Re: Gay "Marriages"
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You got me curious so I ckecked and it was as I thought, the husband of a female peer,ie Dzame, dosn't get a title.

Check it out
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#288950 - Thu Dec 22 2005 02:40 PM Re: Gay "Marriages"
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Well, even though it would be good for a giggle, "Dame" or "Lady" jsut won't do. Probably 'Sir", or there really is nothing wrong with "Mister".

#288951 - Thu Dec 22 2005 04:12 PM Re: Gay "Marriages"
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How about the universally non-offensive "Ms." for a title?
Which one was the bride anyway. Elton looked more the part, his tux had a white cumberbun and tie as opposed to his mate's more traditional groom's tux. Can you imagine the poor bloke or sheila that caught Sir/Dame Elton's garter?

#288952 - Thu Dec 22 2005 11:34 PM Re: Gay "Marriages"
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I don't really have a hard core stand on this matter, for one very good reason; that being that people will always do what they want to do, whether I 'approve' of it or not!

Some of the finest, closest friends I have ever had are gay. Within the community we lived in for so long, I saw examples of disgusting promiscuity, intense loneliness and also monogomous, loyal relationships which still continue to this day.

I personally don't feel these unions ought to be called marriages, but that some kind of legal allowance ought to be made in the case of long term partners.

I love the friends I have made [some over thirty years ago] who practice this particular lifestyle, but don't personally agree with it.That isn't any of my business, however. They are aware of my belief system and I am aware of theirs, too, though I don't fully understand it. I will always be a concerned friend to those who have been so genuine, funny and helpful to me over the years.

Let God sort it all out later.
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#288953 - Fri Dec 23 2005 10:56 AM Re: Gay "Marriages"
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Well, I have a cousin who is in a gay "marriage" (not your nip-and-tuck marriage, of course, but publicly accepted as a couple). Yikes...they're Wiccans, too! This raised quite the double 'stink', believe me. Eyebrows arched aplenty, religious artifacts hidden, stumbled upon greetings (and generally loaded conversation that even a bomb squad wouldn't come near). Those few of us who didn't give a sniff about the 'scandalous sinner' label(s) attached just called them Matthew and Kevin. And they answered. And they were polite. And they were excellent company. Go figure.
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#288954 - Fri Dec 23 2005 11:31 AM Re: Gay "Marriages"
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Interesting reading Sue - though rather confusing! - thanks.

But then again I'm confused enough about what my own 'title' should be. That is, I am married, but I have not taken my husband's name, so obviously I'm not Mrs [husband's name]. BUT am I Mrs [my surname]? Probably not I figure, but I'm not 100% sure.

I've been a 'Ms' for a long while, and that's what I figure I'll stay, but I do get a giggle at seeing how some people struggle over how to address my mail now!

#288955 - Fri Dec 23 2005 11:38 AM Re: Gay "Marriages"
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What does one call the husband of a female knight?

A knut?
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#288956 - Fri Dec 23 2005 12:12 PM Re: Gay "Marriages"
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#288957 - Mon Jan 02 2006 01:50 PM Re: Gay "Marriages"
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With the new laws allowing same-sex civil unions coming into effect in the UK, I'm wondering about a few details. For instance, will there be equal press coverage of the first gay divorces?

If you haven't heard of any, then I guess not. Because I work very hard to avoid world news and I know of quite a few. Like this link : Same Sex Divorce

My favourite story is something I might search out later. Think it was last year in one of the American States. A court ruled that a husband couldn't divorce his wife on the grounds of adultery because her affair was with another woman and the law doesn't classify lesbian activities as sex. *giggle*snort*choke* Still cracks me up!

My personal belief is the same for homo or hetero. If two people's goal is to bond all aspects of their lives in order to have a secure environment for raising children or to create a family that has a number of legal dependents? That, to me, defines a marriage.

But if any two people want to co-habitate for reasons of nooky and/or financial convenience (*sigh* sounds really good to me!) then the way I see it, that is a civil contract.

Financial and physical abuse doesn't just happen in hetero unions. Same sex unions deserve the same options for protection and we ALL deserve having those options work! But that is fodder for another debate.

Like my Dad said to me when my parents looked into divorce, "The only winners in any divorce are the lawyers".
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