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#303020 - Mon Apr 03 2006 12:45 AM Guess what
shadow80 Offline
Learning the ropes...

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Hi everybody,yes i am new here as well.I have had a lots of fun with the Quizzes.And i am eager to try out some more .

#303021 - Mon Apr 03 2006 01:04 AM Re: Guess what
Gatsby722 Offline
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Welcome shadow80 ! Give the Forum rules a read and jump on in! We look forward to your input.
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#303022 - Mon Apr 03 2006 01:23 AM Re: Guess what
JaneMarple Offline
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A warm welcome from me too!
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#303023 - Mon Apr 03 2006 02:48 AM Re: Guess what
sue943 Offline

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Welcome to the forums.
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#303024 - Mon Apr 03 2006 05:18 AM Re: Guess what
cinnam0n Offline

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Welcome, welcome, welcome!

#303025 - Mon Apr 03 2006 05:56 AM Re: Guess what
ktstew Offline
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Good morning, Shadow. Hope you enjoy your time in the forums.
A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is just putting on its shoes - Mark Twain

#303026 - Mon Apr 03 2006 07:30 AM Re: Guess what
skunkee Offline
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Welcome to the Forums.
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#303027 - Mon Apr 03 2006 07:35 AM Re: Guess what
ozzz2002 Offline

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And a big 'gidday' from Australia.
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#303028 - Mon Apr 03 2006 03:43 PM Re: Guess what
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