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#303201 - Tue Apr 04 2006 03:16 PM Hello
msduckfan00 Offline
Learning the ropes...

Registered: Mon Apr 03 2006
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Loc: Oregon
Just wanted to say HI and introduce myself. My name is Mary. I'm going by
'msduckfan00' here. Yes, I'm an Oregon Duck.....

I'm from Portland, Or. I am a single mom. One 16 going on 30 yr old daughter and three cats. I have a brother in the Air Force. I had another brother who was in the Marines, but he died in Iraq last year. I have six sisters and two other brothers. Between all of them, I have 17 nieces and nephews. Yep, a very busy life!

Hi everyone!!

#303202 - Tue Apr 04 2006 03:32 PM Re: Hello
Gatsby722 Offline
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Welcome msduckfan00 ! Let's hope you can squeeze in some quality time with us here in the Forums!
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#303203 - Tue Apr 04 2006 03:44 PM Re: Hello
Copago Offline

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You're from Portland or you're a single Mum? You can't be both ... Do you have to decide? Just kidding!

Welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy it here!

#303204 - Tue Apr 04 2006 03:57 PM Re: Hello
skunkee Offline
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Welcome, sorry to hear about your brother.
I have one of those 16 year old daughters too, but she turns 17 tomorrow.
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#303205 - Tue Apr 04 2006 05:22 PM Re: Hello
sue943 Offline

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Welcome and quack, quack.
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#303206 - Tue Apr 04 2006 06:19 PM Re: Hello
Blueee Offline

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Welcome to the forums
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#303207 - Tue Apr 04 2006 06:31 PM Re: Hello
trident Offline

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Nice to see a new face around here. Welcome!
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#303208 - Wed Apr 05 2006 01:59 AM Re: Hello
JaneMarple Offline
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A warm welcome from England
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#303209 - Wed Apr 05 2006 08:59 AM Re: Hello
msduckfan00 Offline
Learning the ropes...

Registered: Mon Apr 03 2006
Posts: 2
Loc: Oregon
Thanks, everyone.

I haven't been on many message boards with so many people from around the world. I can't wait to talk to you all.

I'm sorry I couldn't get back here sooner. One of my cats...I have about 19 years old and in the past few days his health seems to be declining and I'm spending a lot of time with him.

So I thank everyone for my very warm welcome and will accept any prayers, good wishes or good karma sent HB's way. I've had him for a very long time and it's going to be hard to see him go.


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