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#305225 - Mon Apr 24 2006 05:43 PM Greetings
Tatiangel Offline
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Hello, my name is Tatiangel. Seems as if I've found others who share my love of trivia and now I don't have to drive my fiance up the wall with it. I live in a house with 4 adults other than myself, 3 and a half kids (My daughter is pregnant, she's one of the other adults), 6 cats and a dog. We just got the dog. She's a red nosed pit bull and is the friendliest little thing. She's only 5 months old and gets excited meeting new people. I live in Tacoma Washington. My strong points are 80s trivia, mostly the music therein.

#305226 - Mon Apr 24 2006 07:37 PM Re: Greetings
Blueee Offline

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Welcome Tatiagel
Sounds like you have a busy life at home, this site will keep you even busier
Big hello from England
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#305227 - Mon Apr 24 2006 08:14 PM Re: Greetings
skunkee Offline
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Welcome to Fun Trivia!
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#305228 - Mon Apr 24 2006 09:05 PM Re: Greetings
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Hi, Tatiangel. Washington is a beautiful place. My dearest girlfriend lives in Colfax.

Hope you like it here.
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#305229 - Tue Apr 25 2006 12:51 AM Re: Greetings
JaneMarple Offline
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Welcome to the forums
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#305230 - Tue Apr 25 2006 12:53 AM Re: Greetings
Gatsby722 Offline
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Welcome and enjoy The Forums, Tatiangel! Lovin' that 80s Trivia, too! Yep, one is never 'alone' in here .
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#305231 - Tue Apr 25 2006 02:35 AM Re: Greetings
sue943 Offline

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Welcome to our forums
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#305232 - Tue Apr 25 2006 08:34 AM Re: Greetings
cinnam0n Offline

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Welcome, Tatiangel! This is the perfect place for a lover of trivia!

#305233 - Tue Apr 25 2006 04:16 PM Re: Greetings
AlienGoddess Offline

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Welcome to FT Tatiangel! You sure have a lot of cats! I like them too! Have a great time here!
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