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#305469 - Fri Apr 28 2006 09:44 AM Bonjour!
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Hello, everybody!

This is my first time on this forum, which looks like a pretty interesting place to be. Being quite new to trivia, I thank all of you in advance for the assistance I'll get from you helping in solving some problems as I come across them. Hopefully, I'll be able to return the favors at some point in whatever modest way.

Having said that, here is my first one:

"The people who make it don't want it, the people who buy it don't use it and the people who use it don't know"

What is it? Maybe it's already been submitted here?

Thanks again in helping out with this one.

Best Regards,

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#305470 - Fri Apr 28 2006 09:53 AM Re: Bonjour!
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Welcome aboard, Divino, from Australia!
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#305471 - Fri Apr 28 2006 09:55 AM Re: Bonjour!
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A warm welcome from England
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#305472 - Fri Apr 28 2006 10:10 AM Re: Bonjour!
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Hello, Divino. Lots to see here. Welcome to the boards.

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#305473 - Fri Apr 28 2006 11:06 AM Re: Bonjour!
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The answer is a coffin.

Really such questions ought to be asked in 'Why is the Sky Blue?'

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#305474 - Fri Apr 28 2006 12:25 PM Re: Bonjour!
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Welcome to the Forums!
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#305475 - Fri Apr 28 2006 01:10 PM Re: Bonjour!
AlienGoddess Offline

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Welcome to FT divino!
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#305476 - Fri Apr 28 2006 01:49 PM Re: Bonjour!
JoyJoyJoy Offline

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Divino, glad you've joined us and got me thinking to boot! Join in the chain games (in fun and games). It's a blast and will get you thinking too!
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