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#307207 - Thu May 11 2006 10:41 AM Hello all
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I am new to the forums,and trying to find my way around,hope i have got this in the right place.
Just wanted to say hi to everyone,then figure out what all these icon/graemlins are!


#307208 - Thu May 11 2006 11:34 AM Re: Hello all
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It's not nearly as scary as it seems. I'm sure you'll have it figured out in no time.
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#307209 - Thu May 11 2006 12:40 PM Re: Hello all
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Yes, you'll figure it out - and if you have any questions, just ask! We're glad you're here!

#307210 - Thu May 11 2006 08:23 PM Re: Hello all
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Welcome to the board.
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#307211 - Fri May 12 2006 12:29 AM Re: Hello all
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Welcome to the forums
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#307212 - Fri May 12 2006 03:13 AM Re: Hello all
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