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#307767 - Sat May 20 2006 09:22 AM howdy y'all
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hi everyone i'm anaghaa from india and i'm really new here. would love to know what trivia forums are really about and what is one suppopsed to do here?

everyone please leave a message about your name and where youre from.

#307768 - Sat May 20 2006 11:22 AM Re: howdy y'all
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Forums are for sharing tips and discussing current events, in a pleasant manner!

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#307769 - Sat May 20 2006 11:44 AM Re: howdy y'all
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Hi, anaghaa, and welcome to The Forums. Up at the top of this page you can click to see Forums rules and other information. Give that all a look and you'll get a good idea what it's about in here. As for the location of members? To the left of posts you will see their screen name and where they are from (if they have chosen to offer it, that is). Enjoy your visits!
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#307770 - Sat May 20 2006 12:47 PM Re: howdy y'all
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Welcome to the Forums.
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#307771 - Sat May 20 2006 01:06 PM Re: howdy y'all
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Welcome to our forums.
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