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#310660 - Thu Jun 15 2006 10:32 AM Hey guys, new here
tiffanyram Offline

Registered: Tue Jun 13 2006
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Hey everyone. I'm new to this forum so I'll introduce myself. My name is Tiffany and I live in Tennessee, USA. I have a beautiful 3 yr old daughter. Also, I am a High School Spanish teacher--well I just started in January because I graduated from college in December.

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#310661 - Thu Jun 15 2006 10:37 AM Re: Hey guys, new here [Re: tiffanyram]
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Welcome to our forums
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#310662 - Thu Jun 15 2006 10:38 AM Re: Hey guys, new here [Re: tiffanyram]
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Welcome Tiffany, from your neighbour to the north!
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#310663 - Thu Jun 15 2006 11:50 AM Re: Hey guys, new here [Re: skunkee]
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Welcome to the forums!
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#310664 - Thu Jun 15 2006 02:27 PM Re: Hey guys, new here [Re: JaneMarple]
cinnam0n Offline

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Hi, Tiffany - I lived in Tennessee the first year I was married! Now I'm a Northerner! Welcome to the forums!

#310665 - Fri Jun 16 2006 12:01 AM Re: Hey guys, new here [Re: cinnam0n]
LeoDaVinci Offline

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Welcome to the forums, sit down, relax, and meet all of the interesting people here!
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#310666 - Fri Jun 16 2006 09:43 AM Re: Hey guys, new here [Re: LeoDaVinci]
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Hi Tiffnay! Welcome to the forums.


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