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#314114 - Wed Jul 19 2006 02:46 PM Quiz Requests
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I have come up with many unique ideas for quizzes. Many don't work out and I delete the quiz. At other times an editor will recommend too many changes to make the subject possible.

What I would like to see, if not already done, are recommendations by people for quiz subjects that they would like to see.
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#314115 - Wed Jul 19 2006 03:06 PM Re: Quiz Requests [Re: denmarks]
bracklaman Offline
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I endorse this idea.

It might be useful to have a featured area where such ideas and suggestions could be aired. I would very much like to produce quizzes which might be appreciated, especially if quirky enough to interest me of course, and admit to seeking inspiration from reading these forums and the Message Board.
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#314116 - Thu Jul 20 2006 09:21 AM Re: Quiz Requests [Re: denmarks]
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At other times an editor will recommend too many changes to make the subject possible.

Just a quick note on this-

Both editors and quiz writers are frustrated when a writer spends a lot of time writing a quiz and an editor spends a lot of time editing it, and then the quiz is deleted. It's a lot of wasted time and effort.

Please, if you aren't sure that a quiz subject will fly, send an editor in the category a message and ask about the quiz before writing it! It saves us all a lot of grief.
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#314117 - Thu Jul 20 2006 11:15 AM Re: Quiz Requests [Re: denmarks]
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One thing I'd like to see is more animal quizzes that don't feature dogs and horses. The Global Trivia challenge "animals" quizzes are at least half comprised of dogs and horses questions.
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