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#316621 - Sat Aug 05 2006 11:50 AM Quiz Submission Queue
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Have you ever considered allowing quiz submitters to see where they stand in the queue? I know that this is not exact since editors can pick quizzes out of order. It would just comfort me so see where I stand and that I haven't been lost.

I've been waiting about two weeks since submitting corrections and it would be nice to see where I stand.

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#316622 - Sat Aug 05 2006 12:23 PM Re: Quiz Submission Queue [Re: denmarks]
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One thing to keep in mind is that every time you save your quiz, after submission, it goes back to the end of the line. If you are a 'fiddler' who can't resist going in and just tweaking a bit, you may be slowing down the acceptance of your quiz.

Another thing to check is that you have actually resubmitted a quiz. I have gotten notes from authors, asking if their corrected quiz will EVER get online, who never resubmitted. Editors won't go looking for your quiz - if it is not submitted, it won't go anywhere.

You could also keep in mind that, on the whole, if a quiz has already been looked at by a specific editor, other editors in that category will not edit that quiz. This is by no means a hard and fast rule, but is very much a general trend.

Something else that slows down quiz acceptance is if a quiz is hard to categorize, or takes an unconventional approach to a subject. We sometimes need to discuss where to put a quiz, or how to fit a unique approach into our needs. Discussion takes time, due to time zones, and real life interfering with editing.

So, knowing just where your quiz is in the queue doesn't really give you all that much information after all. Double check that you did in fact submit it, and then just sit tight.

#316623 - Sat Aug 05 2006 01:17 PM Re: Quiz Submission Queue [Re: agony]
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You can also check for an approximate time at
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#316624 - Sat Aug 05 2006 03:51 PM Re: Quiz Submission Queue [Re: agony]
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Thanks Agony, I didn't know that about the 'fiddling' bit. I shall try and resist fiddling in future!

#316625 - Sat Aug 05 2006 05:36 PM Re: Quiz Submission Queue [Re: supersal1]
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I think a lot of authors don't know this - maybe we should have a warning somewhere!

If I have noticed a quiz near the top of the queue, and then see that it is down at the bottom, I will try to check to see if this is what has happened. However, in a big, busy queue like Music, this just isn't possible.

#316626 - Mon Aug 07 2006 06:11 PM Re: Quiz Submission Queue [Re: agony]
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The fiddling happens because each time you save the quiz, you are actually saying 'yes, it's ready to go online' like you did when you submitted it the first time.

And yes, please make sure your quiz says 'submitted' next to it instead of 'not online'. If the quiz says 'not online' as its status, that means you have NOT submitted it. When you save the quiz to submit it, please make sure you read the bottom of the following page - your quiz may have had an error and it may not have been submitted to the queue like you intended.
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