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#318598 - Thu Aug 17 2006 01:33 AM Little advice needed re: where to put a quiz.
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Hi all
I want to write an In Other Words quiz for a singer.
Would this go to the Music or Brain Teasers category?

Also, would I need to provide interesting information?


#318599 - Thu Aug 17 2006 01:42 AM Re: Little advice needed re: where to put a quiz. [Re: Kittencat]
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I cannot answer the first of your questions, as I am not an editor. An editor can tell you which category that would go in.

As for the interesting information, that is required now in all quizzes.

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#318600 - Thu Aug 17 2006 07:42 AM Re: Little advice needed re: where to put a quiz. [Re: dg_dave]
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If it is all about this particular singer, then it would be considered "specialized knowledge" and would go into Music, in the alphabetical listing of that singer. It would need to follow all the guidleines about In Other Words quizzes, and all Music guidelines. That most definitely includes factual interesting info for every question.

#318601 - Thu Aug 17 2006 06:43 PM Re: Little advice needed re: where to put a quiz. [Re: agony]
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Brain teaser quizzes on entertainment-related topics all go to the appropriate entertainment-related category.
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