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#350699 - Thu Mar 08 2007 01:17 PM John Inman dead
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John Inman who played Mr Humphries in Are You Being Served has died aged 71. He had hepatitis A.

BBC News

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#350700 - Thu Mar 08 2007 03:59 PM Re: John Inman dead [Re: sue943]
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Sorry to see this funny man go.
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#350701 - Thu Mar 08 2007 04:12 PM Re: John Inman dead [Re: ren33]
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I am so sorry to hear this. He was very funny in Are You Being Served.
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#350702 - Thu Mar 08 2007 04:49 PM Re: John Inman dead [Re: aginor]
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I am so sad to hear this. We were total devotees to that show on PBS in the STates, and are currently watching about one year's series per week.
My child grew up with watching them at six thirty, when we'd call out, 'Les anglais' or the English guys. When she was really small, she used to prefer Mr Humphreys and accepted his cross dressing things implicitly. For some odd reason, she could always tell gender in people but she would see a man dressed like a woman and say, 'Mistah Humphreys mama?' with a knowing look. I'd say, 'yes...' She couldn't have been more than two then.

I think if you watch the tape with the tributes to Molly Sugden and he narrates them, he's just a delightful person.

He was too young to go so soon. As Wendy said though, his suffering is over.

The reason we enjoyed the show so much was the interactions between employees and how lifelike it was in any work situation.
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#350703 - Thu Mar 08 2007 08:06 PM Re: John Inman dead [Re: Bruyere]
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I am so sad to hear this. I just told my daughter and she said, "Oh, no! I loved him." We loved all those "Are You Being Served" episodes. He and Molly Sugden were the best part. RIP, Mr. Inman.
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#350704 - Fri Mar 09 2007 06:12 PM Re: John Inman dead [Re: gretas]
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I had no idea he was ill and since the show he seemed to have got very little TV work which was a shame. But I liked the show and he was a great character, and will be sadly missed. And I was in love with Wendy Richard. She's changed a bit since of course...
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#350705 - Sat Mar 10 2007 02:12 AM Re: John Inman dead [Re: satguru]
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The BBC article states that 'in recent years he became a pantomime regular', but doesn't mention his career in theatre and pantomime prior to "I'm being served'.
In a recorded TV interview, Inman says 'after 25 years of acting on stage, it was a pleasant surprise to become an overnight star'.
The series wasn't a favourite of mine, but in the episodes I did see, Inman certainly dominated the set when he appeared.

#350706 - Tue Mar 20 2007 06:23 AM Re: John Inman dead [Re: picqero]
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I loved him he was part of my childhood,
he will be sadly missed and he did play panto in wales several times
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