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#359311 - Mon Apr 30 2007 07:01 PM I have a confession...
Copper Offline

Registered: Mon Apr 30 2007
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Loc: Tasmania Australia
After inadvertently stumbling across the forums I thought I'd take a moment or two to take a peek around...until I found with each passing day a "moment or two" had grown into a time period of more significance. Finally that thought that had been nagging in the back of my mind, the thought that I tried so desperately hard to bury in the deepest depth of my cerebrum, came bursting forth with a crystalline realisation...

*stands up*

Hi, I'm Copper and I'm a lurker. *blush*

I thought it past due when I should stop my shameful lurking ways, come out of the woodwork and register; bringing me here where I can publicly acknowledge my past bad habit and start the process of reformation by firstly making my presence known and secondly participating.

On a more serious note - the time I spent lurking I read some great posts from a variety of posters. The community looks to be both fun and friendly.

#359312 - Mon Apr 30 2007 07:14 PM Re: I have a confession... [Re: Copper]
Taesma Offline

Registered: Fri Jun 20 2003
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No worries, lurking is a good thing. Gives you time to get to know the lay of the land and not be stricken with foot-in-mouth disease.
(Or get yourself inadvertently banned like everyone in the forums did a few days ago )

Have fun!
"A bookstore is one of the only pieces of evidence we have that people are still thinking." ~ Jerry Seinfeld

#359313 - Mon Apr 30 2007 08:09 PM Re: I have a confession... [Re: Taesma]
ktstew Offline
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Oh, yes, Copper -we were banned by the thousands the other day...but we are a thick skinned crowd, and they can't seem to get rid of us.
[ Sorry, Sue. It's just too funny ]

Welcome to the boards. Always glad to see an able communicator wander in.
A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is just putting on its shoes - Mark Twain

#359314 - Mon Apr 30 2007 08:20 PM Re: I have a confession... [Re: ktstew]
denni19 Offline

Registered: Tue Sep 05 2006
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Loc: Bucharest Romania
Hello Copper !

As one of the not-so-able communicators all I can say is: Welcome to the Forums!
"The hardest thing to learn in life is which bridge to cross and which to burn." - David Russell

#359315 - Mon Apr 30 2007 10:19 PM Re: I have a confession... [Re: denni19]
ren33 Offline

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  Hong Kong      
You are most welcome, Copper.
Wandering aimlessly through FT since 1999.

#359316 - Tue May 01 2007 12:17 AM Re: I have a confession... [Re: ren33]
adz Offline

Registered: Sat Apr 21 2007
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Loc: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Hi and welcome Copper.
The early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.

#359317 - Tue May 01 2007 12:57 AM Re: I have a confession... [Re: adz]
sue943 Offline

Registered: Sun Dec 19 1999
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Channel Islands    
Oh come on, I only banned 15,207 members including the founder and owner of the site!

Copper, a very big welcome from me. You will be pleased to hear, in fact everyone will be, that Terry has taken away my button! Now if I want to ban everyone I will have to do it one by one instead of at one click of the button.
Many a child has been spoiled because you can't spank a Grandma!

#359318 - Tue May 01 2007 12:58 AM Re: I have a confession... [Re: adz]
JaneMarple Offline
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Loc: North West of England
A warm welcome to the forums
My mind is like a functions only when open.

#359319 - Tue May 01 2007 03:00 AM Re: I have a confession... [Re: JaneMarple]
bionic4ever Offline

Registered: Fri Apr 07 2006
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Loc: Chocolate City Wisconsin USA
Hi from Chocolate City, USA, and welcome to the forums!
"...better than before...better, stronger, faster!" - SMDM

#359320 - Tue May 01 2007 07:06 AM Re: I have a confession... [Re: bionic4ever]
lynn-ann Offline

Registered: Tue Nov 21 2006
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Loc: Cape Town South Africa     
Hi. Welcome to the forums

#359321 - Tue May 01 2007 07:22 AM Re: I have a confession... [Re: lynn-ann]
romeomikegolf Offline

Registered: Wed Apr 07 2004
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Hi Copper. And don't worry about Sue, she has these senior moments every now and then.
Runs away ducking very low.
Reality is an illusion brought about by lack of alcohol

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#359322 - Tue May 01 2007 11:58 AM Re: I have a confession... [Re: romeomikegolf]
ClaraSue Offline
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Hello and welcome Copper. I hope you enjoy it here as much as I do.
May the tail of the elephant never have to swat the flies from your face.

#359323 - Tue May 01 2007 01:35 PM Re: I have a confession... [Re: ClaraSue]
lady1 Offline
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Hello Copper, keep lurking - you would be amazed at what you find out when you do. I just found out I was banned too and I thought it was a glitch on my lap top. Thanks Sue!
"If Life Were Easy Where Would All The Adventure Be?"

#359324 - Tue May 01 2007 02:46 PM Re: I have a confession... [Re: lady1]
Lacey61 Offline
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Registered: Thu Apr 05 2007
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Hiya Copper, hope you don't regret "making yourself known" LOL LOL

#359325 - Tue May 01 2007 03:27 PM Re: I have a confession... [Re: Lacey61]
Hpotter5075 Offline

Registered: Thu Mar 08 2007
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Loc: Minnesota USA
hey cooper, lurking is a federal offense! Just kidding no one minds...welcome to the group

#359326 - Tue May 01 2007 06:44 PM Re: I have a confession... [Re: Hpotter5075]
Copper Offline

Registered: Mon Apr 30 2007
Posts: 5
Loc: Tasmania Australia
Thank you all very much for the warm welcome. I look forward to getting to know everyone.

I'm glad I chose the day after everyone was (accidentally) touched with the ban-stick...I might have thought being banned after my initial post was an odd way of welcoming a newbie otherwise.

#359327 - Sat May 19 2007 07:19 AM Re: I have a confession... [Re: Copper]
sundaygirl1965 Offline

Registered: Wed Jan 17 2007
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How did everyone get banned? what did I miss?
and welcome to the forum copper.
"I am what i am and what i am needs no excuses"


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