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#37264 - Mon Feb 14 2000 11:44 AM Neale D. Walsch
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Has anyone read the "Conversations With God" trilogy? How about the new book, "Friendship with God". I have loved them all. Such a new twist in living your life. I would like to hear from anyone who has also read them.

What do you think about what He has to say?

Has it changed your way of living your life?

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#37265 - Fri Mar 19 2004 05:26 PM Re: Neale D. Walsch
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Firstly, I am going for the record here, is answering a question for the first time after 4 years a record? Well, as they used to say on 'That's life' on TV, unless anyone knows any different...

I've read all the books plus extras as in the workbooks, and though it hasn't (yet) changed my life, I found many of the views very inspiring and accurate. But the best part was, that in 1995 I self-published a booklet on counselling, and after thinking if I'd write anything else, I thought I'd write a general book on dealing with life. I planned some of the main points, when CWG #1 came out, and after reading it, found one by one the points I'd made in my outline were there already. I was pleased, as the main purpose was to share my ideas as I hoped they would be helpful. That was more important than whether I wrote a book or not, and it was also nice to see God (or Mr Walsch, depending on your view) agreed with me

Whether anyone has actually changed their life, or even a part of society remains to be seen, but I will definitely recommend reading the first book to begin with, and then, if you liked it, the next.
I will now sweep up all the dust this question had gathered while waiting to be answered.
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