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#378217 - Thu Aug 02 2007 10:49 PM Hello....
flameheart1 Offline
Learning the ropes...

Registered: Thu Aug 02 2007
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Loc: Maryland USA
Hello everyone. I am new on the forums, but not on the site itself. My username on the forums is the same as the site. I am a girl who loves to watch anime, read manga and listen to music. I hope I will have a good time on here. Catch you all later.

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#378218 - Thu Aug 02 2007 11:46 PM Re: Hello.... [Re: flameheart1]
Copago Offline

Registered: Tue May 15 2001
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Loc: Australia
Hi Flameheart, welcome to the forums

We ask that under 18s don't put their ages in the forums so I've edited it out. Just to be on the safe side.

Otherwise, jump on in

#378219 - Fri Aug 03 2007 03:31 AM Re: Hello.... [Re: Copago]
romeomikegolf Offline

Registered: Wed Apr 07 2004
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Loc: Rothwell Northants England UK 
Welcome from the UK.
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#378220 - Fri Aug 03 2007 03:51 AM Re: Hello.... [Re: romeomikegolf]
MCRismyLIFE Offline

Registered: Wed Aug 01 2007
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Loc: Sydney, NSW Australia
Welcome aboard! Have Fun!
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#378221 - Tue Aug 07 2007 02:25 AM Re: Hello.... [Re: MCRismyLIFE]
lynn-ann Offline

Registered: Tue Nov 21 2006
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Loc: Cape Town South Africa     
Hi. Welcome to the forums from South Africa

#378222 - Tue Aug 07 2007 07:45 AM Re: Hello.... [Re: lynn-ann]
cinnam0n Offline

Registered: Tue Nov 02 2004
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Loc: Pennsylvania USA
We're happy to have you, flameheart!

#378223 - Wed Aug 08 2007 11:25 AM Re: Hello.... [Re: cinnam0n]
Solninja Offline

Registered: Sun Aug 05 2007
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Loc: Carthage, NY USA
Welcome from a fellow newbie!
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#378224 - Wed Aug 08 2007 12:16 PM Re: Hello.... [Re: Solninja]
Gatsby722 Offline
Pure Diamond

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Ohio USA    
Hiya flameheart ! While I can hardly read the text of your post (it doesn't show up against the color of my screen), I look forward to seeing you around The Forums!
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#378225 - Thu Aug 09 2007 05:56 AM Re: Hello.... [Re: Gatsby722]
garyfire Offline

Registered: Sun Apr 29 2007
Posts: 264
Loc: Antgonish Nova Scotia Canada 
Hello and welcome from Nova Scotia!!
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#378226 - Thu Aug 09 2007 07:30 AM Re: Hello.... [Re: garyfire]
shavsy Offline
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Registered: Thu Mar 08 2007
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Loc: Oldbury West Midlands UK
Hi again from the UK
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