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#400744 - Wed Dec 12 2007 03:04 PM "ABC" for YOU and ME...
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"ABC" for YOU and ME

Your humble hosts, the moderators of the Chain Games Forum, would be thrilled to know you offer us a few minutes of your time and read this topic.
We tried to gather in one place, some of the guidelines scattered around the place in various threads/games and thus make them more available to newcomers and to old addicted players too.

So here are some General Guidelines for having a smooth and ordered roll of these games...

- All players are kindly asked to carefully read the guidelines for each game they wish to play.
As a general rule, the poster who starts a new game, or "Part xyz" of an older game, gives a very clear example of how the game has to be played by posting the first answer for it.
Please respect the given format.

**The Chain Games can be our garden, easily noticed by everybody and admired for it's state, or it can be a junkyard where everybody throws away useless stuff and then all we have is a pile of undefined garbage nobody wants to see or have. It's up to us all to decide which one we want to 'live' in when playing in here.

- Badges or Bonus points are NOT awarded, no matter how quick or slow one posts their answer. It doesn't take ages to pay a bit of attention to small things like the page you're on, which is the last answer in the current game and even to check if the answer you have in mind has already been posted.

- Certain games require for the first letter of the answer to be bolded, in order to make the chain more easy to follow for everyone. Other games need to have an entire word in bold to keep the link between posts visible. Respecting this, helps with having less (hopefully none ) wrong answers, for example two or three posts in a row beginning with the same letter, an "O" after an "F" and so on.

**Neither of us knew how to "bold, italic, underline" when we first landed here and we asked older members how to do it or read the instructions in the FAQ section - HERE

- Deleting posts, even entire threads is easy for us but we would prefer not being forced to do it - Thank you!

- Elementary grammar rules are a must - proper capitalization of names, movies/books titles, first word of a sentence/phrase, using quotes (" ") when quoting [see the 'garden' I mentioned above ].
Mistyping won't be amended unless it's too repetitive.

- Failing to comply with the CGG 2007-CDG Quality System, will lead to having your posts deleted and, who knows, maybe even being restricted from accessing the Chain Games. Feel free to take your risks.

**Don't know what "CGG 2007-CDG" is? That's easy - Chain Games Guidelines compiled in 2007 by Cinnam0n-Denni19-Gatsby722. We're a funny bunch, aren't we ?

- Games in here are really nice to play, so we won't take up more of your time by using the entire alphabet for instructions. [Aren’t you relieved?]

Please don't think of us as “monsters” for coming up with so many little rules, we are doing it out of respect for you - members who came up with so many good games, and for you - members who share a part of your life with those games and with us.

We are hoping you'll have lots of fun with the Chain Games.

Yours truly,
Cinnam0n, Denni, Gatsby
"The hardest thing to learn in life is which bridge to cross and which to burn." - David Russell

#1004199 - Sun Aug 18 2013 04:49 AM Re: "ABC" for YOU and ME... [Re: denni19]
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whispers - the link on how to bold no longer works.


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