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#42329 - Wed Oct 09 2002 06:24 AM Re: Favourite Poets?
ozzz2002 Offline

Registered: Mon Dec 03 2001
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I am a ballady type.. the Rime of the Ancient Mariner is way up in the top ten... "A painted ship upon a painted ocean".. or "Water, water, everywhere" .. a couple of my favourite verses.
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#42330 - Wed Oct 09 2002 08:00 AM Re: Favourite Poets?
chelseabelle Offline
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Besides the poets some of you have already mentioned, one of my all time favorites was, and always will be, e.e.cummings.
W.H. Auden would also be at the top of my list along with W.B. Yeats.
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#42331 - Fri Feb 21 2003 08:46 AM Re: Favourite Poets?
skylarb Offline

Registered: Thu Jan 30 2003
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My favorite poets are (not necessarily in order):
~John Donne (particularly the Holy Sonnets and "The Good Morrow," but also lighter verse like "The Flea")
~Lord Byron (like him the best of the Romantics, probably because of his clever wit, his neoclassical leanings, and the fact that he does not seem to take himself too seriously. Oh how I love Byron!)
~George Herbert
~Alexander Pope (amazing how much he can say in verse)
~Lord Alfred Tennyson (nothing has moved me as deeply as "In Memoriam." I still cry when I read it)
~Stephen Crane (He's not known for his poetry, but I love it. Very terse, very concise, not at all ornamental--but boy does it pack a punch!)
~ Edgar Allen Poe, often criticized for only being "technically perfect," as if that were not a great feat in itself, as if the sound of poetry was the least improtant aspect! Love the sound of "The Bells" especially, but much more.

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#42332 - Fri Feb 21 2003 08:48 AM Re: Favourite Poets?
skylarb Offline

Registered: Thu Jan 30 2003
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Loc: Virginia USA
Lacked feeling?!? The metaphysical poets are some of the most feeling poets I can imagine. Yes, sometimes they write with dry wit ("The Flea," "On His Mistress Going to Bed," etc.), but I am deeply moved by Donne's Holy Sonnets, his "Good Morrow," and by Herbert's "Love" and "The Collar."
"Why don’t you write books people can read?" - Nora Joyce, to her husband James

#42333 - Fri Feb 21 2003 07:01 PM Re: Favourite Poets?
MotherGoose Offline

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Easy question - my husband (who most of you know as Maynooth). He is a brilliant poet and I am not at all biased! He's had quite a bit of his work published and been paid for it in some cases! (Not that there's any money in it really).
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#42334 - Mon Mar 03 2003 08:58 PM Re: Favourite Poets?
anais Offline

Registered: Thu Feb 27 2003
Posts: 6
My favourite poets would have to be Sylvia Plath, Rainer Maria Rilke, and William Blake.
Although, i adore poetic prose.
So, Anais Nin, Virginia Woolf, Janet Fitch.

#42335 - Tue Mar 04 2003 06:34 AM Re: Favourite Poets?
Coolupway Offline

Registered: Mon Aug 26 2002
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What's the name of the fellow who wrote that limerick about the man from Nantucket?

#42336 - Tue Mar 04 2003 06:41 AM Re: Favourite Poets?
ren33 Offline

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Or even Westphalia?
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#42337 - Tue Mar 04 2003 10:08 AM Re: Favourite Poets?
lefois Offline
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I'm a fan of classic poem
Famous poets, the unknown
It may therefore seem rather rash
My favourite here is Ogden Nash!

#42338 - Thu Mar 27 2003 04:19 PM Re: Favourite Poets?
moonchild Offline

Registered: Mon May 13 2002
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Loc: london
I like poetry full stop! I have trouble remembering who wrote what though..just like when I hear a song on the radio 'Ooh I like that..who is it' (for the fifth time) I have a poetry book written by Jewel who is also a singer and I pick that up a lot. I like Christina Rosetti's Hurt No Living Thing and many many more......
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#42339 - Mon Mar 31 2003 08:21 AM Re: Favourite Poets?
Maynooth Offline
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I love all kinds of poetry but my all time favourite would have to be Rudyard Kipling. The ballads are great sweeping sagas and down to earth emotion, manly emotion not that girlie stuff!
The story goes that "If" was crumpled up by Rudyard and thrown in the bin. Someone retrieved it and sent it to a publisher (maybe a newspaper) and it became a resounding success.

Of course Banjo Patterson and Henry Lawson are greats too!

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#42340 - Thu Apr 24 2003 02:09 AM Re: Favourite Poets?
mnbates Offline
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I like an enormous variety of poets from the metaphysicals Andrew Marvell 'To His Coy Mistress' being a favourite through the romantics 'Marmion' by Sir Walter Scott through to more modern day poets like John Betjeman, Philip Larkin, John Hegley etc I even like some Americans like Walt Whitman and Theodore Roethke 'The Waking'. Regards, Tin
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