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#462968 - Wed Mar 11 2009 10:53 PM Quotation marks in TV category..
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Should the name of specific SNL skits be in quotation marks? Should the name of an SNL character by in quotations? (e.g. 'The Church Lady'?)
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#462969 - Thu Mar 12 2009 01:03 PM Re: Quotation marks in TV category..
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I would use quote marks for the sketches. Perhaps also for made-up characters to show, for example, that 'Fred Flintstone' was not a real person (or even 'Michael Jackson').
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#462970 - Thu Mar 12 2009 02:26 PM Re: Quotation marks in TV category..
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Characters should not have names in quotations.

For sketches, if it is something that, when written off this site, would be in italics, underlined or in quotations, then it has quotations on this site.
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