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#472166 - Sun Aug 30 2009 12:39 AM Re: Sleeplessness [Re: sue943]
damnsuicidalroos Offline

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Sure is a great gift Sue but then,and I`m off topic, speaking of gifts......My sister has decided that if I need a kidney she will be the one to donate and my brother has decided that my house needs central air con so he`s organizing that to be installed for me.

My father repeated a conversation he had the other day with my brother about chemo drugs,evidently there`s one that isn`t covered by the PBS and costs up to fifty thousand a year, my brother without hesitation told my father that he would be happy to cover that for me for as long as I need it!

Words cannot express how I feel about the support I receive from my family.

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#472167 - Sun Aug 30 2009 05:53 AM Re: Sleeplessness [Re: damnsuicidalroos]
lady1 Offline
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It sounds like you have a wonderful family Roo. It is wonderful when family stick together and support each other. You are truly blessed.
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#472168 - Fri Sep 04 2009 08:24 AM Re: Sleeplessness [Re: sue943]
solomac Offline
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I got a Cat Purr CD for Christmas two years ago, and it sure is cool. It is such a relaxing sound that it really does help me go to sleep.

#472169 - Fri Sep 04 2009 04:36 PM Re: Sleeplessness [Re: solomac]
Jar Offline

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Oh Roo, what a great thing to have family that is so supportive and helpful. You can get off topic any time you want as far as I'm concerned. I'm always happy to hear about close knit families. Mine is very few and far between. Hope your chemo is still going okay. If it weren't for two insurance programs we have, don't know what we would do with cost of meds.
If you can't sleep, then get up and do something instead of lying there worrying. It's the worry that gets you, not the lack of sleep.
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#472170 - Fri Sep 04 2009 07:29 PM Re: Sleeplessness [Re: Jar]
mountaingoat Offline

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I went to a sleep specialist and the 2 things he impressed on me were to have a hot shower before bed because we fall asleep better as we cool down. Second was to look out at the daylight as soon as you wake up. This helps reset your internal clock. Hope this helps.

#472171 - Thu Sep 10 2009 11:24 AM Re: Sleeplessness [Re: mountaingoat]
tellywellies Offline
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I sleep from around 12-30 A.M until 5-30 A.M. I'm OK on that as long as I get a couple of 15 minute dozes a day, one after lunch and the other after main meal time (around 6 P.M)
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#472172 - Tue Sep 29 2009 08:10 PM Re: Sleeplessness [Re: tellywellies]
shuehorn Offline

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I have one of those magic foam mattress covers, and it is wonderful. Had it for 3 years now, and still works as well as the day we got it.
Sue (shuehorn)

#472173 - Tue Sep 29 2009 09:34 PM Re: Sleeplessness [Re: mountaingoat]
veronikkamarrz Offline

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mountaingoat, I like the advise, but suppose, you've been showering as a 'wake-up' forever? Won't the PM shower also, wake you up? The daylight thing is a problem for me, too...I always shut off the alarm, and stand at the window for a minute. Now we're coming on winter, it's DARK when I look out!

I guess nothing is for sure, but I DO have my Xanex!
...Be careful out there...

#562639 - Thu Nov 04 2010 06:22 AM Re: Sleeplessness [Re: damnsuicidalroos]
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I don't have trouble falling asleep, but I wake up way too early, after having slept 4 hours or so. This problem is called "terminal insomnia", which sounds ominous frown , but really just means waking too early. It's frustrating because I still feel tired and groggy, but can't get back to sleep.

#631897 - Sun Jun 05 2011 10:21 PM Re: Sleeplessness [Re: ]
GavinXL Offline

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I don't have problems falling asleep... my primary issue is staying asleep.

I rarely am able to sleep longer than 3 hours at a stretch so my day usually goes like this.: I usually go to bed around 3am or 4 am and sleep until 6 or 7 am. Sometimes I take a one hour nap around 2pm and sometimes I take a second one hour nap around 11pm.

I don't get stressed out or worry about the number of hours I sleep because that makes it even harder to fall asleep. I've never heard of anyone dying from sleep deprivation and inevitably your body will command you to go to sleep when you finally get tired enough.

#631949 - Mon Jun 06 2011 05:54 AM Re: Sleeplessness [Re: GavinXL]
agony Offline


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That's more or less the approach I take. The only problem with it is that sometimes I will *need* to be well rested, and I'm not. If I've only had three hours sleep the night before, a long drive the next evening is scary.

#826554 - Tue Sep 25 2012 07:24 AM Re: Sleeplessness [Re: mountaingoat]
Jazmee27 Offline

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I either read or listen to the news.
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#828476 - Sun Sep 30 2012 11:02 PM Re: Sleeplessness [Re: Jazmee27]
live4trivia Offline

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Audiobooks! They help me take the focus away from the bad stuff. =(
I have a few favourites (The Invisible Man, Congo, Jurassic Park). I also have a good collection of Art Bell recordings.

Sleeping is never an easy task!

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