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#482293 - Thu Jul 09 2009 06:59 AM Re: Photo forum brainstorm - want your input!
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An advantage I see of the ABC chain, is that it's less maintenance for the mod (nod of recognition to Copago ), insofar as it doesn't need closing at week end/month end. Also if there is the odd double post, it doesn't break the continuity of the chain. Lily's right too, lots of room for creativity.
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#482294 - Thu Jul 09 2009 03:13 PM Re: Photo forum brainstorm - want your input!
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Get in quick, Jar!

Okay Copago, I'm working on that "what is it" photo now. Hang on a minute -- I'll get it posted yet!
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#482295 - Thu Jul 09 2009 08:45 PM Re: Photo forum brainstorm - want your input!
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I like the idea of these new chains and would love to try them.
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#482296 - Sun Jul 12 2009 04:00 AM Re: Photo forum brainstorm - want your input!
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I like the ABC idea too. Perhaps we can just do different months month by month?

I'll post the first one directly - the photo chain. If you have any ideas how to improve it as we go along or any concerns then please let me know. We'll have to see as we go along how it will work.

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