The limits on quiz tracking & scoring for non-gold-members has been pretty confusing for years now, as the requirements have often changed as our hardware has had to deal with increasing traffic. Free players have been restricted to anywhere between 50 and 301 quizzes over the years, and have had an inconsistent experience.

Recent upgrades allow us to give new players a complete FT trial quizzing experience:

1. Players playing for free will have their first 100 quiz plays tracked and scored. In addition, they will now be able to see which of those quizzes they have already played (highlighted in green) in all quiz lists.

This will now give our newer players the complete FunTrivia quizzing experience. You won't have to guess which quizzes you have already played, and you will quickly be able to find new topics that interest you.

2. Free players will see a counter whenever they play a quiz indicating how many quizzes are left in the limit, so that the tracking cutoff is no surprise.

3. Gold Members have unlimited quiz scores saved and tracked as always. Some of our GMs have played and are having tracked over 60,000 quizzes!

3. After 100 quizzes, free players can either Upgrade to Gold Membership to gain unlimited quiz tracking, or they can choose to continue to play for free without tracking and scoring.

We hope that newer players enjoy our quiz tracking features and consider upgrading to Gold Membership if they like our website and use it regularly.

For those of you who choose not to (or cannot) become Gold Members, you are welcome and encouraged to continue to play our 90,000 quizzes. All quiz content is (and always will be) available to all players, whether playing as free players or Gold Members.