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#539451 - Thu Jun 24 2010 01:44 PM Quiz revision etiquette
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I've got a number of quizzes on-line now and I notice that some are certainly much more popular than others. What I am wondering is whether it would be prudent to update some of the less popular ones to make them more accessible?
(Of course it is not so simple to determine whether it is the difficulty level or the subject matter or the general style to some extent that determines the number of plays.)

I understand that if changes are made an editor must be involved.
Has anyone else done this?

I just hate to see some of these quizzes not being played much...


#539452 - Thu Jun 24 2010 02:07 PM Re: Quiz revision etiquette [Re: Omakase]
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If they're not being played much, that means that changing the content won't have much effect - none at all, unless a lot of people are opening it in html mode, looking it over and backing out. My quiz play numbers seem to depend mostly on the category - some of the most highly-rated ones are also the least played, because Geography just doesn't grab the interest of as many people as, for example, movies. Even in a popular category, a quiz on a specific topic (one movie, one book , etc.) will only attract those who are familiar with it.

About the only change that is likely to lure in more players would be a change to the introduction. I don't think you need to involve an editors for that, but beware! If you accidentally make an entry that is over the allowed number of characters, either in the introduction or in the summary box at the end, the quiz will be unceremoniously yanked offline, and you will have to fix it then contact an editor with an apology for needing to have it checked again to go online. I only did that once in adding an acknowledgment of the player who had proposed a commission title, and now do a careful count in Word before replacing the summary box!
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#539453 - Thu Jun 24 2010 02:26 PM Re: Quiz revision etiquette [Re: looney_tunes]
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I think any major changes (i.e. more than fixing typos or maybe adding an interesting fact a player has sent to you) needs to be made clear to an editor before the change is made. I remember reading that a while back.
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#539454 - Thu Jun 24 2010 03:22 PM Re: Quiz revision etiquette [Re: doublemm]
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Changing a quiz for anything except errors is discouraged. This essentially makes it a different quiz and makes the statistics meaningless. It also makes it unfair to people who have already played it and gotten low scores but cannot play it again because it's the same template.
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#917169 - Tue Nov 13 2012 10:32 PM Re: Quiz revision etiquette
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Is it okay to change the number of questions in a quiz once it goes online? For example, is it all right to expand a 10-question quiz to 15?
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#917171 - Tue Nov 13 2012 10:43 PM Re: Quiz revision etiquette [Re: gracious1]
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We don't allow this unfortunately as it skews the ratings, percentages, and scores after the quiz is placed online.
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#917172 - Tue Nov 13 2012 10:57 PM Re: Quiz revision etiquette [Re: kyleisalive]
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In fact, trying to do so will automatically take your quiz offline as the system detects the change. This allows any new questions to go through the editing process, but, as Kyle says, it is likely that we'd disallow the change for the reasons he has stated.

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