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#619010 - Mon Apr 25 2011 05:10 AM ANZAC day
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I don't think a year has gone by where we haven't had an ANZAC thread so here we go smile. For those that don't know it stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corp and ANZAC Day is our war rememberance day. The date comes from a horrific battle that started on April 25th in Gallipoli, Turkey.

Did the other Australians and New Zealanders on here go to any services today?

We went to White Cliffs, a small Outback town of about 250 people. Somehow it all seems to work - there's an old jeep that leads the march from the pub to the Cenotaph, a couple of horses wandering up behind the marchers and the publican walks alongside with a speaker of bagpipe music. None os it sounds very 'professional' but it's all perfect and every bit as emotional as a big city service. smile

#619041 - Mon Apr 25 2011 07:14 AM Re: ANZAC day [Re: Copago]
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I didn't go to any services as I was working but isn't it the most special day of the year? smile It doesn't have to be "professional" as long as the sentiment and emotion is real. I'd love to be in Villers-Brettoneaux for ANZAC Day one year. That would be incredibly special...

It just occurred to me that I did my bit for ANZAC Day.. I'm looking after two old diggers here in ICU. Lovely blokes they are too smile

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#619042 - Mon Apr 25 2011 07:14 AM Re: ANZAC day [Re: Copago]
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We don't go to any service but were down visiting a friend this afternoon near the Navy base here in Western Australia. It was nice to see sailors marching the streets in full uniform on their way home from wherever they'd been for the day. Definitely something you don't see everyday.
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#619056 - Mon Apr 25 2011 07:34 AM Re: ANZAC day [Re: Lones78]
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Thank you to the Australian and New Zealand Army Corp. for your dedication and service.


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