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#627760 - Mon May 23 2011 11:36 AM Where did you meet?
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I am still roaming through old threads and came across this one...

Some people have met their lifetime love in some of the oddest places. I've heard of people meeting them at car accidents, airports, taxi cabs and the grocery store. Hell maybe even someone met theirs right here at Fun Trivia!!

Question is where did you meet yours?

An unusual place or circumstance?

OK, I will start.

I was moving to this island the week before my 25th birthday and jokingly said that I would marry the first bachelor that I spoke to after arriving here.

I had found accommodation before moving here, a shared house with two women and two men, all 'strangers'. I arrived and walked into the house and there was a man sitting on the sofa, one of the other people living in the house, so I said hello to him in passing. We got married almost two years later - what a mistake! smile
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#785546 - Wed Apr 11 2012 12:22 PM Re: Where did you meet?
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I know this thread is almost a year old, but I just had to comment.

My husband thinks it is funny to tell people that he met me on a street corner. It is true but just not the way everyone assumes. I was on a street corner because that is where people who wanted to hang out in our boring town gathered. I was there talking to a few of my friends and he just happened to be friends with them also and showed up that night. It was also really close to my birthday and he reached into his pocket and handed me a 50 dollar bill, so he also jokes that he paid for me.

#785965 - Thu Apr 12 2012 09:09 PM Re: Where did you meet?
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Hmmmm. Great thread for fiction writers, but I suppose you want truth.

I met my second in a dumpster. These were the dark ages of the undergrad years, and she was looking for discarded furniture to restore/re purpose (I think that's the new way of saying "cheap.") I was looking for my cat. Not a live cat, a stuffed, moth-eaten bobcat which my roommate decided was tacky. (I found it by the way, but my roommate was right: the danged thing really was tacky, so I let it go.)

She found an old chair missing just one leg which only needed "a little love."
She was an art major and created a beautiful piece of it.

Alas, we are no longer together, but she still has that chair, a picture of that awful stuffed bobcat, and we are friends on Facebook. C'est la vie.

#787974 - Fri Apr 20 2012 05:56 PM Re: Where did you meet?
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Met my first husband in a hospital ward.. I was a student nurse, and he was a theatre orderly.
Met my second husband when I visited a nursing colleague after work, and he was boarding there - had a great year together, then broke up when I was 18...didn't see each other again till I was 42.. and we met by chance at a friend's.. we then had 7 wonderful years together before his death..
My current partner I met at an abattoirs where I was in charge of Occupational Safety and Health, and he was a butcher !
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#787981 - Fri Apr 20 2012 06:14 PM Re: Where did you meet?
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Oh Tezza! That beats the lot for romantic settings,eh!
First I was working in a restaurant and he came in for lunch. He was a student at Rada, and life became dramatic, for 15 years. I asked him, that first day, where he was taking me that night and he said "to the pictures". We went to see Espresso Bongo", with Cliff Richard.
Second one I knew from the pub. He knew I was on my own and within a month he had decorated the house, cooked every meal, taking the dogs out daily and moved in!
We were together for 20 odd years. He was many things, but certainly not lazy.
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#788041 - Sat Apr 21 2012 05:00 AM Re: Where did you meet?
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Maynooth and I were penpals (via snail mail) from the age of 7. We finally met in person when we were 22. It was love at first sight and we got engaged three weeks later, and married shortly after that. We've been extremely happily married for nearly 32 years. All our friends and relatives said it wouldn't last but we've outlasted almost all of their marriages.
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#788045 - Sat Apr 21 2012 05:20 AM Re: Where did you meet?
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I met my wife when I stopped her from being molested by a man who was trying to lick her face. At the time I was dressed as a Mexican bandit, replete with hat, cheroot and bushy moustache as there was a fancy dress event going on in the town we were in. Amazingly she still thought I was attractive despite this.

#788086 - Sat Apr 21 2012 08:20 AM Re: Where did you meet?
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Mothergoose, that's a wonderful story. Write the book! <3

#790421 - Sun Apr 29 2012 07:06 PM Re: Where did you meet?
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I agree, that is a wonderful story! And Pete, I'm sure the scene looked like something out of the movies, but hooray to you for saving her! Not everyone would do that.

My current husband and I were neighbors before we started dating, though we hadn't ever talked all that much. My daughter played with his niece since he lived with his brother. After I got divorced from my ex-husband and he no longer had a girlfriend, his sister-in-law called me and told me that he wanted to ask me out, but that he was too shy and wanted her to call first to see if I would say yes. We went on our first date that Saturday, and were married five months later.
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#790599 - Mon Apr 30 2012 02:27 PM Re: Where did you meet?
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Wife Mk.1..............One of my shipmates said, "My sister is here on holiday with her mate. Fancy coming ashore to meet them"?
Well it seemed like a good idea at the time.......the subsequent marriage lasted 10 years.

Wife Mk.2............started out as penfriends, met, dated for several years, married.......and separated after 2 years, though didn't get around to a divorce for 15 years.

Wife Mk.3............We met at a Star Trek convention! Were friends for years and finally married........16th Anniversary this year!

Ahh well.........3rd time lucky!

#790749 - Mon Apr 30 2012 08:10 PM Re: Where did you meet?
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It was New Years Eve 1986. I had helped my sister and her husband move to their new home. I was exhausted and was going to watch my nieces and nephew for the evening so they could go out. My brother in law's sister came over to babysit with me. I had taken a shower and was doing my hair (looking into a mirror) when I saw a reflection of two men standing in at the sliding door. I recognized one as a friend of theirs and the other I thought was the most handsome man (great smile) I had even seen. They sat down and were questioning where everyone was going for the evening. The nice smile (Ray) asked me if I was going out with them to which I replied, "I sure am". smile I ran into the other room and told my sister, "Karen is babysitting alone tonight, I'm going out with you"! (Which was really kind of funny because all day she asked me to come along and go out)

That night at a local bar Ray and I chatted a long time. I just kept thinking to myself , "This guy is too good to be true". I excused myself for the lady's room but when I came back I saw him in the middle of a bar fight. (He is 6'4" tall and easy to spot in a crowd.) Bar fighter wasn't in my must haves to when he came back to the table all disheveled I gave him a bit of a cold shoulder. He took the hint and walked off to the bar. A friend asked me why I acted that way. I told him I wasn't interested in a weekend brawler. My friend told me, "Ray was out there breaking it up"! I think I actually felt my heart sink to my toes.

Long story short, I went and talked to him again, he asked me for a date the following weekend and the rest is history. (We were talking marriage after our 3 date, engaged by 3 months.)

June 11 we'll be married 24 years. smile
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#790816 - Tue May 01 2012 04:10 AM Re: Where did you meet?
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Lovely story, Tori smile

Mutual friends introduced us ... y name is Jill .. his name is Jack. It was meant to be wink

#790825 - Tue May 01 2012 05:41 AM Re: Where did you meet?
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I met my better half when she worked in a cake shop. I was too shy and reserved at that time to summon up the courage to ask her out, but religiously went into the shop every day and bought more and more cakes. Eventually, I managed to ask her for a date, fortunately before I reached the point where none of my clothes fitted. I still eat cakes and my waistline is under control (unlike the wife)
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#790895 - Tue May 01 2012 12:53 PM Re: Where did you meet?
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We were high school sweethearts. Still together & in love after 41 years. Boring? maybe, but happy.
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#790989 - Tue May 01 2012 06:25 PM Re: Where did you meet?
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I suppose failures count as well as successes, it did work for a couple of months but her mother finished it off before it really bloomed. I was at my youth club disco and worked my way through all the girls present, dancing I think with 6 of them who had all walked off at the end of the song, and by about 9.15 had used up everyone there. I went out to the loo and came back and saw someone else (she'd just arrived), asked her to dance and spent the rest of the evening with her and got her number. We went out for a couple of weeks, I went away for a month, came back and carried on, found as well as looking like an angel after such a short time she actually understood everything I said and accepted it without challenge (how many people can we say that about, my mother is one of the only others I know), and was basically pretty much straight out of the design for perfection.

It gave me a model of how things ought to be even though they didn't have the chance to continue for what may have been a long time (I don't think she was looking anywhere else either by then) and am still looking nearly 40 years later...

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#962719 - Wed Jan 23 2013 04:33 PM Re: Where did you meet?
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I met my first husband in a bar.

I met my second husband in a bar.

I do not go into bars any more.
I changed my mind again...

#962735 - Wed Jan 23 2013 05:11 PM Re: Where did you meet?
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Funny this has been bumped up. The youth club was in a local synagogue and I haven't been there since the late 70s. This weekend a friend I knew back then finally married the girlfriend he met in 1984, and it was back there, and it turns out every activity was in the same room so it all took place where I met her back in 1975 with us waiting outside after the service while they took the chairs away to make the dance floor. I went with a different woman, one anyone familiar with my blog will know as Grace, the most complicated relationship (it isn't one) I've ever had. This is because I was given an ultimatum she won't have a relationship but will get married, while to me I'll have a relationship with anyone suitable and maybe want to marry 20% after I've had a few months to learn enough about them. I said I couldn't take a chance like that (who could?) as although she has many good points conversation is not her strong point, and anyone who knows me will realise how vital that is to me.

But to return to the scene of my best ever relationship with a potential replacement, however distant, is some kind of message I'd say.
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#962742 - Wed Jan 23 2013 05:58 PM Re: Where did you meet?
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I'm not married and most of my relationships have been fairly short-lived, but I thought I'd stop here to share the story of my parents, which I've always loved.

My mother was eighteen years old and had just graduated high school and was looking into the military (Air Force, I believe). She had decided to go ahead and sign the papers at the next appointment she had scheduled. One night, a friend wanted to go to a party at another friend's house and my mother happily piled into the car.

Well, said friend wanted to make a stop first. No problem, until Mom realizes that they are driving up at the little hut that her friend's boyfriend lives in. She realizes right off that they're not going to make it to the party. The two of them were prone to long, loud arguments and equally lengthy reconciliations, so my mother decided to go in and wait. My mother's friend introduced her to another guy in the hut in passing, her boyfriend's cousin and roommate.

By the time the sun came up the next morning, the two of them had talked about everything they could think of. My mom was ready to wake her friend and leave so that she could get some sleep. The boy she'd met stopped her and told her that he was going away for nearly a month for a job and that he didn't want her to see anyone else while he was gone. My mother laughed at him.

She didn't go on any dates. She skipped her appointment with the Air Force. Within six months, they were married. That was nearly 25 years ago.

#963200 - Fri Jan 25 2013 04:00 PM Re: Where did you meet?
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Hubby #1 was a schoolmate. Married for 13 years.

Hubby #2 (and current) I met when I stopped in a casino on my way home from work. He was working there and followed me around for awhile chatting. I didn't really want to chat so I gave him my business card and he said he'd call. He did and we chatted for a couple of nights before I finally gave in to meet him for dinner. We went on three dates before I gave him my address (a girl can't be too careful, you know grin). Within a month we were exclusive and married 8 months later. We just celebrated our 13th anniversary.
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#963214 - Fri Jan 25 2013 04:47 PM Re: Where did you meet?
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Very sweet story, croaton!
and indeed, I have read with interest all your tales. MG, yours is very touching! It was obviously meant to be!

* * *

I first met my husband when I was fifteen years old (and he was 21). I played bagpipes in a pipe band, and we were in France for a trad festival. He too played bagpipes and knew some of the members of my band from previous years. Obviously at that age, the gap was enough that neither of us was interested in the other.

We met again two years later, and two years after that. I grew up, he didn't wink I had a boyfriend, then a long term boyfriend, then realised we weren't right for each other, and broke up.

Shortly after that, I met my husband(-to-be) for the third time. Once again at that trad festival in France. He teamed up with our band, and we had some fun evenings out as a whole group, nothing special.

Six months later my band were invited to play for the St Patrick's Day festivities in Dallas, Texas. We wanted to put on a great concert so we invited some extra players along, my husband(-to-be) being one of them. We flew from Dublin to Stansted, he flew from Paris to Stansted, and we all boarded a flight to head to the States.

Eight hours later he and I were still standing up at the back of the plane chatting and having fun. For three years I headed off to France every three weeks or so for a weekend or long weekend, and eventually he gave up his job, packed up his things and took a flight to Dublin. Six months later he got a job, we got engaged and the rest is history ...

His job, however, sent him to Belgium, then closed their establishment in Ireland, so we ended up moving first to Belgium then to France ...
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#966312 - Sat Feb 09 2013 02:43 PM Re: Where did you meet?
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I’m single—and proud of it. Any attempts at romance were abysmal… Take the time I told my friend (technically we met in preschool or kindergarten, then attended different schools until the last two years of high school, where we attended this School-to-Work Program) that I liked him as more than a friend. He didn’t feel the same way—and later on I realized we had some opinions that differed so much, it just wouldn’t have worked. Everyone who knew about him teased me about the two of us getting married (no matter how many times I said he wasn’t my boyfriend, they didn’t believe me). Things have changed now, and he’s now living in Colorado. People finally accept my story when I say we’re just friends.

When I was younger, I pulled a lot of stupid stunts, including wracking up about $800 in long-distance bills calling Connecticut. I had myself convinced I was going to marry Kenny (in truth, I was only ever in love with his accent). He always claimed he loved me—yet, on the phone, he had two very annoying habits: first, he’d be talking to somebody else (doing one of those three-way conversation deals), and also he constantly put down my state. I finally got rid of him the one day that he called and Edy answered the phone (I may have a poor opinion of Edy after the relationship between him and my mother went sour, but I will always respect him for that—and for trying to spare me heartbreak with Josh—even earlier than that.)

Speaking of… I attended this program to get skills necessary to be independent. Being a teenager (and, I would say, a bratty one at that), I didn’t care about that. At most, I was 17. I met this boy—he was, I believe, 19—and, in my mind, he was great (why is it girls are attracted to the “bad boy”? It wasn’t long before he got into a fight with another kid—over another girl! When Josh was suspended, I was heartbroken because he hadn’t said good-bye (and I wrote a song, which I dedicated to him. Years later, this same tune, “A Lover’s Farewell,” became something different for me—the words I had written were more someone pining for some ideal she’d lost, or something she thought she’d had. Also in later years, I added another verse which made it plain things were doomed from the start.)

The first time Edy met Josh, he tried to convince him to slow things down. His response: “it’s between Jaymee and me.” (Basically, “step off, man, and mind your own business.

Sometime later, I was expelled because I lost my temper and attacked him with my room key. (I’m not proud of what happened, but I do feel that it was probably for the best, especially since I never saw or spoke to him again).

Over the past few years, I’ve developed a certain distrust of men (perhaps it was always there, but it got stronger after Mom and Edy had their last argument, which included his statement: “I don’t care about your daughter.”) I think what upset me most, though, was the amount of times she’d been hurt. Still, I was surprised when I met her latest boyfriend, because it was so easy to talk to him (he’s so funny sometimes). And the circumstances of their meeting, which I only became truly aware of the other week when my friend was here for a visit…

I knew he’d been her server at Red Lobster. What I didn’t know was that her friend, Ruth, also met him that day at the restaurant. It was one of the days Ruth was visiting her for the weekend, and they were driving in separate cars so that Ruth could return home to her kids. It was back in 2011, around December, and I was aware of at least some of the goings-on because Mom and Ruth had come to see me that afternoon. Mom needed to buy ingredients to make cheesecake for work, and Ruth wanted her to go to Sam’s Club where it would be cheaper. They had a violent argument about that, which didn’t stop when they left my apartment. Then, another argument cropped up because Mom has a GPS, and Ruth hates the things. As a result of where the unit wanted Mom to go, Ruth nearly got a ticket—but didn’t, as the officer was quite understanding of the situation once he became aware of it. Anyway, the two friends go into this restaurant arguing, and Phili p comes up to take their order. Mom’s hair was a mess, but he clearly saw something in her, because he started flirting. Ruth teased her, because Mom denied he was, saying something like, “he’s just being nice.”
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#968235 - Wed Feb 20 2013 01:26 AM Re: Where did you meet?
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My husband and I met at the birthday party of a "mutual acquaintance" (in a bar/lounge). He was there with a male friend (who, in fact, I was more attracted to at the beginning of the evening). It was November and approximately minus 45, so I needed a ride home (I'd have walked otherwise, since my parent's house was less than a mile away). He offered. He was entirely a gentleman, so I gave him my phone number (he already knew my address anyway by that time lol, so no big secret). I was quite surprised when he called the next weekend.

My previous boyfriend was a VERY clean-cut young man from the Maritimes who was studying architecture at university. Unfortunately, he also seemed to think that I was going to marry him, have 17 children (although I'm not Catholic lol) and move to Nova Scotia. Nice guy, but I had to "dump him" (giggles). The birthday party was two days after that.

My father had a rule that any "boy" I was with had to be brought into the house and scrutinised (ermmm, "introduced" lol). So yes, I brought in the new guy with hair down past his shoulders, complete with mustache, beard, paratrooper boots and no "prospects". After he left, my mother said "what was wrong with the last one??"

Must have been a "romeo/juliet" thang - since my parents "hated" the new one, he HAD to be a "keeper" lol.

And he has been since 1974 : )
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