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#650866 - Wed Aug 31 2011 03:28 PM Any CFL fans in FT?
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I love football. Both the NFL and the CFL. Growing up in Canada, it was the only football available as we never had the chance to view NFL with a total of two channels.

I'm fortunate to have a friend who works for the Toronto Argonauts Football Club (The Oldest Pro Sports Team in North America ~ established 1855) and he's the guy who is in charge of tickets.

So I get tickets free for the Roger's Centre whenever I want them. I have six for Friday's game(Sept 2) against the British Columbia Lions and six more for the Oct.1 tilt against the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

I often have one or two tix leftover so if there are any FT players who live or are going to be in the Toronto area and want to attend a game with me, get in touch and we can make arrangements to meet at the stadium and watch a game together sometime. smilee

The tix I get are always awesome. This week they're in the lower level, at the 30 yard line approx., and 1/3rd to 1/2 the way up the bottom level.

So, any CFL fans out there in FT land?

yak smile

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#650916 - Wed Aug 31 2011 04:40 PM Re: Any CFL fans in FT? [Re: mayneeyak]
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Yes. I am a fan of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

#653209 - Mon Sep 12 2011 05:07 PM Re: Any CFL fans in FT? [Re: david1975]
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Do I have to quote the Rider Oath to prove it? LOL
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#653560 - Tue Sep 13 2011 08:15 PM Re: Any CFL fans in FT? [Re: Jakeroo]
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And any of you are welcome to tip NFL...come over to the tipping comps.
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#653561 - Tue Sep 13 2011 08:22 PM Re: Any CFL fans in FT? [Re: dg_dave]
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If we get enough interest we could even set up a CFL tipping comp for 2012!
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#653755 - Wed Sep 14 2011 02:15 PM Re: Any CFL fans in FT? [Re: ozzz2002]
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There is only 4 games a week in the CFL a week, but that would be great ozzz!

Alouettes fan or anyone who's playing the Argos.

#660525 - Wed Oct 12 2011 01:10 PM Re: Any CFL fans in FT? [Re: George95]
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A fan of nobody, but I always enjoy watching a different version of the gridiron game.
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#664134 - Fri Oct 28 2011 09:48 PM Re: Any CFL fans in FT? [Re: Jakeroo]
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Originally Posted By: Jakeroo
Do I have to quote the Rider Oath to prove it? LOL

LOL....I bleed green!

#778891 - Wed Mar 14 2012 05:47 PM Re: Any CFL fans in FT? [Re: gramma_vee]
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I'll speak up for the Edmonton Eskimos!

#778933 - Wed Mar 14 2012 09:28 PM Re: Any CFL fans in FT? [Re: sportsherald]
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Blue Bombers Fan for 40 Years!


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