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#659171 - Thu Oct 06 2011 11:12 PM When is it time to retire?
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Last Saturday Meat Loaf was performing at the Grand Final of the AFL. It was woeful! I'm a bit of a fan and am prepared to forgive him a bit but it was just ... well .. bad!
Just read this story about his concert in Brisbane last night that isn't very flattering.

You almost have to shudder when some of these older bands and performers that are well past their best by date are still going. Surely it gas to be better to go out gracefully?! Who else can you think of that needs to hang up their vocal chords?

#659201 - Fri Oct 07 2011 04:55 AM Re: When is it time to retire? [Re: Copago]
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I saw The Manfreds in Liverpool last year and they were great, even though Paul Jones and Tom McGuinness are nearly 70, with Mike D'Abo not far behind. Their voices have held up well and it was a fantastic show. They also featured Alan Price and Chris Farlowe, who were less impressive. Cliff Richard still sounds pretty good for his age. Meatloaf was never that good a singer (in my opinion) and it always felt that he had to strain to reach the high notes so it's not surprising that he struggles now. I suppose that they'll all keep going as long as the audience is prepared to pay - they probably didn't have pension funds set up and still need the cash!
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#659469 - Sat Oct 08 2011 04:45 AM Re: When is it time to retire? [Re: rossian]
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My brother went to see Bob Dylan recently, and I guess he fits in to this category. His voice, while many might debate it was never any good, was terrible. However, he really enjoyed it just because of the experience of seeing such a great performer. But I must agree with you, Meat Loaf's performance was just shockingly terrible.
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