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#668641 - Thu Nov 17 2011 03:36 AM International Games
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In the Canadian section of the International games quiz, there are symbols replacing some of the words, especially French ones.I can't figure out the answer because of this.

#668642 - Thu Nov 17 2011 03:54 AM Re: International Games
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When this happens, you need to send a correction on the question. There are some older quizzes that have issues with some symbols. An editor can try to fix the problem if you alert them to it. (But first, if possible, you should try to play the original quiz from which the question came. The problem may already have been fixed in the original question, but some of the games use cached questions that still have problems. In that case, you just have to live with it until the caches get refreshed.)
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#668727 - Thu Nov 17 2011 01:01 PM Re: International Games
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In Flash mode many diacritic marks (such as the French accented letters and the ) are replaced with the decimal ASCII code and then converted back into something that doesn't make any sense.

That's why I try and avoid all diacritics in answer options.
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