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#689176 - Sat Feb 11 2012 07:17 PM Whitney Houston dies at age 48
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Whitney Houston, singer of the remake of Dolly Parton's I Will Always Love You, has died. She was only 48.

Story here

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#689187 - Sat Feb 11 2012 07:36 PM Re: Whitney Houston dies at age 48
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I was not really a fan of hers, but that it tragic news.
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#689206 - Sat Feb 11 2012 08:16 PM Re: Whitney Houston dies at age 48
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I wasn't really a fan, either ... yet, still, agree that it's tragic news. Too young to die, daughter left to grieve her, etc. She had a powerful voice, I remember that very well. RIP Whitney.
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#689219 - Sat Feb 11 2012 08:40 PM Re: Whitney Houston dies at age 48
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I loved her in "The Bodyguard". Some of her music will certainly live forever.

Very sad that even a beautiful, talented, intelligent person can lose her life to the demon of drugs.

RIP Whitney Houston
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#689268 - Sun Feb 12 2012 12:05 AM Re: Whitney Houston dies at age 48
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I just watched again her You-Tube rendition of the National Anthem..... WOW!

#689346 - Sun Feb 12 2012 08:40 AM Re: Whitney Houston dies at age 48
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Not really a big fan of her style of music but you can't deny the voice & talent she possessed. Have to wait until all the facts are in but if was drugs or alcohol of any sort it makes me wonder how nobody closest to her was ever able to intervene & say you have to stop or you'll kill yourself. Too young of an age to lose such a great talent.


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