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#773222 - Sat Feb 25 2012 02:36 PM Death - Dig Them Up Or Dignity?
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I recently posted a thread concerning how the Titanic should be treated. That made me think of other things that bother me.

I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Egypt. I was very excited on the morning we were to visit the Egyptian Museum. I was fascinated and awe inspired at the glory that was such a magnificent advanced civilization until we got to the corpses on display. I remember the corpse of Rameses vividly; it disturbed me and I wanted to leave. There was something obscene about viewing the body of a man who took great strides to conceal his death and keep his body intact and hidden from view. But there he was, naked in a lit glass case with thousands of people looking at him. It gave me the creeps and I felt like I was doing something very wrong.

Is the viewing of disinterred corpses a scientific effort or a cheap thrill?
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#773290 - Sat Feb 25 2012 05:51 PM Re: Death - Dig Them Up Or Dignity? [Re: vendome]
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The only body that I have viewed was that of Lenin. I went to see him as at that time a visit to Moscow would not be complete without viewing him, the queue was constant and massive with then having a period of time each day allocated to fast tracking foreigners, and even that was a long wait.

I certainly didn't get any thrill, and to this day am not convinced that it wasn't a waxwork.
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#785967 - Thu Apr 12 2012 09:24 PM Re: Death - Dig Them Up Or Dignity? [Re: sue943]
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I waited in line to see bloated Elvis back in '77. I'll bet he looks better now.

While I understand and appreciate that many people have reservations (whether they be of a religious or otherwise emotional nature) about disinterring the dead, I have no such compunctions.

In fact, I am playing with the idea of donating my body to a "body farm" for scientific study. I won't go into my theological beliefs on this thread, but suffice it to say that I believe omnipotent means omnipotent.

Plus, I think forensic science is way cool.


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