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#776142 - Mon Mar 05 2012 11:01 AM Howdy :)
thelancinator Offline

Registered: Mon Mar 05 2012
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Loc: Colorado USA
Hello everyone smile

Been here at FT for quite awhile and have lurked the forums before, but never had the urge to post anything before.

Decided I should register so I can chime in from time to time and add my 2 cents. smile
I'm dishonest, and a dishonest man you can always trust to be dishonest. Honestly. It's the honest ones you want to watch out for because you can never predict when they're going to do something incredibly...stupid.
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#776164 - Mon Mar 05 2012 12:02 PM Re: Howdy :) [Re: thelancinator]
mehaul Offline
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That'll cost ya matie, arrgghh! Hand over the coppers.

Then ye be welcome, arr.

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#776444 - Tue Mar 06 2012 06:53 AM Re: Howdy :) [Re: mehaul]
TabbyTom Offline

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Welcome to the forums.
Dilige et quod vis fac

#776457 - Tue Mar 06 2012 08:41 AM Re: Howdy :) [Re: TabbyTom]
robert326 Offline

Registered: Mon Nov 30 2009
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Loc: New York USA
Welcome aboard! Nice to chat with you.

#776464 - Tue Mar 06 2012 09:33 AM Re: Howdy :) [Re: robert326]
szabs Offline
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Hello and a warm welcome from Spain.

#777768 - Sat Mar 10 2012 06:18 PM Re: Howdy :) [Re: szabs]
satguru Offline
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Welcome lancinator, always good to see names from the other side looking in over here as well smile
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#777769 - Sat Mar 10 2012 06:20 PM Re: Howdy :) [Re: satguru]
cinnam0n Offline

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Glad to have you, lancinator! Enjoy!


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