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#788092 - Sat Apr 21 2012 08:40 AM Do you still watch...?
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Do any of you still watch cartoons?
Authors Palace

#788218 - Sat Apr 21 2012 05:53 PM Re: Do you still watch...? [Re: authorspalace]
sportsherald Offline

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Lots of us watch The Simpsons and South Park, and my son watches Family Guy in spite of my objections. I also enjoy a Looney Tune once in a while.

#788231 - Sat Apr 21 2012 06:29 PM Re: Do you still watch...? [Re: sportsherald]
ClaraSue Offline
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I haven't seen a cartoon show, including South Park, in years. However, if Freakazoid (1995-97) was still on the air, I'd be glued to the television. There was so much to that cartoon that, like the Simpsons, South Park, and Family Guy, it wasn't just for children.
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#950187 - Mon Nov 19 2012 10:48 AM Re: Do you still watch...? [Re: ClaraSue]
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I sometimes watch Yu-Gi-or Wizards of Waverly Place.
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#950230 - Mon Nov 19 2012 12:55 PM Re: Do you still watch...? [Re: Jazmee27]
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Cartoon Network has a section of daily programming called "Adult Swim" which runs from 11PM through 6AM. It has 'Family Guy', 'American Dad', 'King of the Hill'. 'Aquateen Hunger Force'(or its latest iteration) and other adult themed humor animation. It also runs non-humor based shows on the weekend from the realm of anime, 'Ghost in the Machine', 'Cowboy Bebop', 'Full Metal Alchemist' and 'Deathclock - Metalopalypse'. Since I know the show titles I must admit to tuning in often. (Be sure to keep the volume down on that Deathclock one)
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#950340 - Mon Nov 19 2012 06:42 PM Re: Do you still watch...? [Re: mehaul]
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Simpsons, South Park, American Dad and Family Guy.
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