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#793543 - Thu May 10 2012 05:53 PM Wow, So Many Shows!
ladymacb29 Offline

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My TiVo is busting at the seems because I've been recording so many shows lately and it seems like a bunch more will be starting up in the next week or two!

What shows are you all watching? Are you in the same situation as me? I've been watching the HD recordings first because they take up more space, so I just finished up Celebrity Apprentice and am now on Real Housewives of New Jersey today. We watched House yesterday and Guiliana and Bill... So many shows, so little time!
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#793550 - Thu May 10 2012 06:35 PM Re: Wow, So Many Shows! [Re: ladymacb29]
george48 Offline

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Last episodes of '' Desperate Housewives''. I'm going to miss that show.

#793557 - Thu May 10 2012 07:54 PM Re: Wow, So Many Shows! [Re: george48]
Tori_2s Offline

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Who do you think you are? NBC
American Diggers Spike TV
Alcatraz Fox (Just learned the show is cancelled... I'm bummed.)
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#793629 - Fri May 11 2012 07:04 AM Re: Wow, So Many Shows! [Re: Tori_2s]
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Our TiVo is the same way.

This Sunday, we'll be catching the final episodes of Desperate Housewives (we're going to miss the heck out of this show, too!) and Survivor.

I looked at the guide last night and it was filled with:

American Pickers
Hardcore Pawn
Criminal Minds
Big Bang Theory
The Mentalist
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#793637 - Fri May 11 2012 07:27 AM Re: Wow, So Many Shows! [Re: ClaraSue]
ren33 Offline

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We get lots of those(for which we pay) But they are about 3 years old.
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#793642 - Fri May 11 2012 08:51 AM Re: Wow, So Many Shows! [Re: ren33]
dg_dave Online   sleepy
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Since I don't watch much TV, (I know - how un-American is that lol) I don't really keep track of what is on. About the only things I watch lately are NHL playoffs when I'm in the mood, MLB games, and NBA playoffs.
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