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#794096 - Sun May 13 2012 03:58 AM Britain's Got Talent - Won by a dog!
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For those who don't already know, the show, and half a million pounds, was won by a dancing dog act, and his sixteen year old owner.

He really is a darling dog and he is good, and well trained.

Runners-up were the very talented Jonathan and Charlotte, fabulous singers, particularly him.
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#794270 - Mon May 14 2012 12:40 AM Re: Britain's Got Talent - Won by a dog! [Re: sue943]
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Honestly...the dog was very cute and it was a great act and it deserves to be on the Royal Variety Show as voted on by the public BUT this year involved winning 1/2 million pounds and I think the Welsh Choir - All Boys Aloud would have been a better choice and an organisation who would have put that money into good use.

Saying all that, I thought ALL the final acts were very very good and I hope that we get to hear more from Jonathan & Charlotte, The Mend and The Loveable Rogues.
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#794273 - Mon May 14 2012 01:46 AM Re: Britain's Got Talent - Won by a dog! [Re: Sypher]
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Thanks for the heads up on the results! I have to admit that Jonathan & Charlotte were my favorites. I am not particularly an opera fan but when I first heard his voice in the first round, I was truly moved. What a voice! First thing I thought was that it was like Pavarotti. Not too often someone's voice actually gives me goosebumps. I hope the two of them have great success in the future - and I don't see how that won't happen!

#794336 - Mon May 14 2012 12:21 PM Re: Britain's Got Talent - Won by a dog! [Re: Ghosttowner]
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He reminded me of Pavarotti as well, and at just 17 his voice still has a lot of maturing to do. I have read that they already have been given a multi million pound recording contract by none other than Mr Cowell (there's a surprise). I think their future, especially his, is well assured.

#794348 - Mon May 14 2012 02:35 PM Re: Britain's Got Talent - Won by a dog! [Re: Christinap]
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I went to school with a wannabe opera singer (who later got into the Covent Garden Chorus). At that age neither of them should be singing much at all so I hope Mr Cowell has factored a lot of silence into his money machine!
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