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#7951 - Fri Feb 04 2000 10:59 AM quizzyland
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First I would like to say that I love quizzyland!! I started doing the quizzes today and am absolutely loving them. Great idea!!!!

Now, here's my problem.....after playing several quizzes i couldn't access the screen. It is supposed to route me back to the quizzyland main page after I rate the quiz I just finished, at least I assume it is supposed to do that. Anyway, after I had played 8 games all I could get was a blank screen with the correct 'address' at the top of my screen. I went back to the Funtrivia main page and was able to access the quizzland page from there once. After that, however, I had no luck. Just wondering if there is maybe a problem with the server or could it just be my computer?

Otherwise, I am enjoying the quizzyland page as well as the rest of this site.


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#7952 - Sat Feb 05 2000 12:30 AM Re: quizzyland
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#7953 - Fri Feb 04 2000 09:05 PM Re: quizzyland
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willieburr wonders....was enjoying my very first visit to "Quizzyland" when I was told, as I attempted my fouth game that willieburr didn't exist!![sigh!]

#7954 - Tue Feb 08 2000 11:58 AM Re: quizzyland
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Excellent stuff, Terry. Many thanks!

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#7955 - Tue Feb 08 2000 06:16 PM Re: quizzyland
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I vote we kill Quizzyland...until I have had a chance to bone up!

Great page, Terry

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