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#796599 - Wed May 23 2012 09:52 PM One Special Graduation!
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Seeing as how this is a local kid, I felt obliged to brag about him smile! It's probably just one small story in a sea of similarly inspiring ones ... but since this school is just a few miles from where I currently sit? I had to personally give this young man some global cyberspace (despite that I'm sure the video will, or even already has, gone somewhat viral by now). It's a realistic goal, I'm sure, for the medics to hope to (re)teach an injured person how to crawl. For some folks, however? That goal definitely needs to be bested.

The short clip is HERE.
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#796601 - Wed May 23 2012 10:02 PM Re: One Special Graduation! [Re: Gatsby722]
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Thats a lovely story, David. Thanks for sharing it.
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#797757 - Mon May 28 2012 03:26 PM Re: One Special Graduation! [Re: ren33]
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That is one determined young man, and his courage sets an example to us all. Being a loser or a winner, it's all in the attitude and hard graft you are willing to put into something. Tyler is a grafter who's going places, kudos to him for his achievement!
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#831569 - Sun Oct 14 2012 09:11 PM Re: One Special Graduation! [Re: Santana2002]
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That's one of those stories that, no matter how often you hear it, you wat to go on hearing about it. What an inspiration smile
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