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#801467 - Tue Jun 12 2012 02:12 AM The Dingo did it.
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A 4th Inquest in 32 years today found that a dingo did kill Azaria, and Lindy and Michael Chamberlain did nothing wrong. This ends one of the most tragic and disgusting events in Australias history. The media, public and Northern Territory Police conducted one of the worst witch hunts in history. There was a prejudice because Lindy was a very stony faced person and did not grieve in an acceptable way. The fact that people all grieve in different ways was lost on people. They also were Seventh Day Adventists and Michael was a Pastor. Rumours went around saying Azaria meant "Sacrifice in the Wild." The trash press went on a feeding frenzy.
I once passed them near the Supreme Court in Sydney as they were being chased by the press. The hounded look on their faces is still clear to me.
I hope the lesson we can all learn from this is to not get caught up in these witch hunts and withhold judgement. The need to vilify others and pull them down seems to be a savage sport a lot of us indulge in and I hope in future we can all be a bit more thoughtful and compassionate.

#801471 - Tue Jun 12 2012 02:50 AM Re: The Dingo did it.
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I agree totally with your sentiments mountaingoat. I remember the early frenzy. I actually use this case as a graphic example to chemistry students about the dangers of botched (and badly botched!) "evidence".

#801474 - Tue Jun 12 2012 04:21 AM Re: The Dingo did it.
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I'll second both of your views. How the media, public and police who were involved sleep at night, I will never know. There should be some way that these people are punished for their part in this farce which pulled a family apart!
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#801480 - Tue Jun 12 2012 05:12 AM Re: The Dingo did it.
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I'll third all that.

It's a good day for justice. Finally.

#801493 - Tue Jun 12 2012 06:24 AM Re: The Dingo did it.
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I hope that she got compensation for false imprisonment and damages.
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#801515 - Tue Jun 12 2012 06:55 AM Re: The Dingo did it.
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I've been watching a report on this on our lunchtime news. I am so glad that, at last, this family has justice. No amount of money can give them back their daughter or give them back the time it has taken to finally completely and absolutely clear them of any involvment in their daughter's death, BUT, they can look the world in the face with official exoneration, and I got the impression that meant so much to them.

#801540 - Tue Jun 12 2012 08:23 AM Re: The Dingo did it.
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Poor soul too! I am glad she got exonerated, though whether that makes up for her awful treatment, we won't know.
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#801542 - Tue Jun 12 2012 08:35 AM Re: The Dingo did it.
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They got some millions I think when she was released from jail after the baby dinner jacket was found at Uluru.

#801566 - Tue Jun 12 2012 12:27 PM Re: The Dingo did it.
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I am glad they were exonerated as well. It reminds me of a news story that happened in June 1996 here in Dallas, but that one had a far different ending.

May Azaria, after 32 long years, finally rest in peace.
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#801612 - Tue Jun 12 2012 04:55 PM Re: The Dingo did it.
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I'm mainly glad that the parents now have a body to bury...
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