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#805488 - Sat Jun 30 2012 04:05 PM Happy Canada Day
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Have a great day ,eh!
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#805495 - Sat Jun 30 2012 04:32 PM Re: Happy Canada Day [Re: ren33]
TabbyTom Offline

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Hope our Canadian members have a great holiday!
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#805503 - Sat Jun 30 2012 05:14 PM Re: Happy Canada Day [Re: TabbyTom]
Trigger7 Offline
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Thank You ren3 and TabbyTom, celebration at the beach on the 1st, topped off with spectacular Fireworks! A wonderful warm sunny long weekend here in Manitoba!

#805532 - Sat Jun 30 2012 07:57 PM Re: Happy Canada Day [Re: Trigger7]
george48 Offline

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Because of Canada Day falling on a Sunday, I have to work it, Pah.~ 0:(

#805635 - Sun Jul 01 2012 08:15 AM Re: Happy Canada Day [Re: george48]
sportsherald Offline

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5 more years to the sesquicentennial!

#806496 - Wed Jul 04 2012 08:12 AM Re: Happy Canada Day [Re: sportsherald]
spanishliz Offline
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Thanks for the greeting, ren! I missed this on the weekend and appreciate the sentiment.

sportsherald, that makes me feel very old. I remember saying "five more years to the centennial!"

#806947 - Thu Jul 05 2012 10:24 PM Re: Happy Canada Day [Re: spanishliz]
Jakeroo Offline

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As per our union contract, overtime was only paid on the Monday (recognised day in lieu of the actual holiday). Sunday would have been normal wages. I, too, worked the "long weekend" (both Sunday and Monday), so I "hear ya" George - it's been a VERY long week so far and I still have to work tomorrow too!

lol SpanishLiiz. I was very lucky as a child to have attended Expo 67 (the only reason we could is that my father worked for CN at the time and got free railroad passes every so often). The whole thing makes me feel really old now that I think about it. Also, I'd rather not have my tax money go towards a 150th, seems like a lame excuse to have a party. 200 is a good number, but I won't be here then and couldn't care less how they spend the money!

Anyhoo, we climbed up on our roof on Sunday night and got to see some fireworks from VERY far off. And then folks fired off their own in our local park (this is a new thing, it used to be illegal here) until about 2 in the morning. So I "suppose" we got to "celebrate" LOL!

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