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#810988 - Thu Jul 26 2012 03:05 PM Soaps vs "proper" drama
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I've always been struck by the way some people turn their noses up at soap operas; decrying how 'inferior' they are to 'proper' drama series.
Yet, here in the UK, one thing I have noticed is that in soaps such as Coronation Street and Emmerdale the actors have clear and easily heard diction; yet in 'proper' drama I have to turn the volume up and listen really hard to understand what the actors are muttering.

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#835464 - Tue Oct 30 2012 03:35 PM Re: Soaps vs "proper" drama
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I'm not sure the problem's exclusive to the UK. Seems the US ones do it, too--and not only are the characters muttering, but they talk really fast.
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#835504 - Tue Oct 30 2012 10:55 PM Re: Soaps vs "proper" drama
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I do so agree about the diction in soaps, particularly Corrie.Many non Northerners have a problem getting what is said up there, but I have never heard of anyone with a problem in that one. Apart from that, the actual acting is SO good, I find. I recently watched the catastrophe(tram off the viaduct) episodes(well yes we are 2-3 years behind here) and the reactions and performances of all were so convincing. Great stuff.
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