Last Monday WWE Monday Night Raw reached it's 1000th episode on air this is my review of the show

The night started off with Vince McMahon coming to the ring and saying Thank You and welcome everyone to "Monday Night Raw" and then he intorduced DX with Triple H & Shawn Michaels,while in the ring HBK said something was missing and HHH agreed something was missing then Triple H said "Wasn't there more of us"cue the DX music out comes X-Pac & New Age Outlaws for a DX reunion except for Chyna as Billy Gunn & HBK were going to say "If you a not down with that" Damien Sandow music hit came down to insult DX until HBK super kick him and HHH pedgree him to end the segment

Match 1:Sheamus,Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara Beat Chris Jericho,Dolph Ziggler & Alberto Del Rio with Jim Ross coming out to call this match

you had Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler talking to you Charlie Sheen via Skybe 3 times in the night it looks like Charlie Sheen will be at Summerslam

Backstage Segment with AJ & Layla and AJ saying she is not unstable the whole locker is unstable then AJ opened the door Jim Duggan walks pass with his 2x4,Then R-Truth & Roddy Piper are playing skip rope with Lil Jimmy and then one of the funniest things ever Mae Young turns with her grown up hand who she gave birth to back in 1999 i think the hand talked and said i'm Mae Young's son

Match 2:Brodus Clay Beat Jack Swagger:Dude Love came out in the corner of Brodus Clay

Backstage Segment with Triple H & Trish Stratus with Trish Stratus showing HHH how to do Yoga with DX walking in on them with Triple H bending over with Trish behind him

Next up was AJ & Daniel Bryan's with Slick as the Revenrend
just as Slick was about to announced then as Man & Wife AJ told Slick to stop as told everyone she wasn't saying Yes to Daniel Bryan she was saying Yes to another man who made a proposal earlier that night then Vince McMahon music hits and says he was making a wedding proposal but a Business Proposal he announced that the new General Manager of Raw is AJ then AJ smiled then hit Bryan with the flowers and skip around Daniel Bryan and walked out leaving Daniel Bryan in the ring then the AD come

After the break Daniel Bryan was still in the ring refusing to leave the CM Punk's music hits and comes out to tease Daniel Bryan,Bryan says he is the greatest WWE Superstar of all time then The Rock's music hit and comes does a promo on Daniel Bryan & CM Punk,The Rock annouces that at the Royal Rumble 2013 The Rock meet the WWE Champion whoever it may be next January
Funny moment in the segment came when The Rock told Daniel Bryan this is what happens when a homeless lumberjack has relations with a Oompa Loompa

Match 3:The Miz Beat Christian to win the IC Title:Bret Hart was the ring annoucer for this match

In Ring Segment:Triple H comes out and calls out Brock Lesnar to accept his challenge for Summerslam,Brock's music hits but he doesn't come out Paul Heyman does and says no to HHH then HHH & Heyman have a verbal talk until Heyman talks about Triple H & Stephanie McMahon's kids then Stephanie's music hits and lays into Paul Hayman on the mic then after calling Heyman a "Professional Parasite" she slaps Paul Heyman then heyman says Yes to the challenge it will be Triple H vs Brock Lesnar at Summerslam then Stephanie's jumps Heyman ann starts punching him then Brock Lesnar's music hits and out comes lesnar he starts to brawl with HHH until he clotheline Lesnar out of the ring

Match 4:Lita Beat Heath Slater:Howard Finkel was the guest ring annoucer.Heath Slater challenge Legend to come out and face him cause the last month he has been facing WWE Legends for the lead up to Raw 1000 Lita accepted she tols Heath Slater before they start she hired protection cur The APA Bradshaw & Faarooq come out Heath Slater left and went up the ramp to escape the Road Warrior Animal music hits and out come the all the Legends who Heath Slater has been in the ring together they were Vader,Sycho Sid,Roddy Piper,DDP,Sgt Slaughter,Doink The Clown,Bob Backland,Animal

Backstage Interview with Daniel Bryan and the original backstage inteviewer from the first Raw Sean Mooney was interviewing Daniel Bryan

Kane came out for his match then Jinder Mahal came out with Curt Hawkins,Tyler Reks,Hunico,Camacho & Drew McIntyre they surrounded the ring then the gong hit the place went dark out come The Undertaker to help Kane and they clean house

Match 5:CM Punk-John Cena WWE Championship match went to a No Contest when Big Show interfere then The Rock came out to help but CM Punk turn on John Cena & The Rock to turn heel