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#811176 - Fri Jul 27 2012 06:22 PM Olympic opening ceremony
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So who watched and did you enjoy it or were you totally confused?

I thought the Queen was a great sport in doing the James Bond film. smile
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#811178 - Fri Jul 27 2012 06:28 PM Re: Olympic opening ceremony [Re: sue943]
dg_dave Offline
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It probably came on while I was working.

When it comes to the Olympics in general, I just look at the results the next day and the medal counts. I always want the host country to do well, no matter where it is held.
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#811182 - Fri Jul 27 2012 07:03 PM Re: Olympic opening ceremony [Re: dg_dave]
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Watching it right now and am finding a lot more comedy than Vancouver, Beijing, and the rest. The skit with Rowan Atkinson was absolutely hilarious, but that might've been because I'm a big Mr. Bean fan.

The skit with the Queen and Daniel Craig was pretty good, but I doubt the Queen flies that low and through the Tower Bridge wink

#811203 - Sat Jul 28 2012 04:42 AM Re: Olympic opening ceremony [Re: George95]
Chavs Offline

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Was ready to switch off after 20 minutes because bar a couple of good moments it was really just a load of people in fancy dress lugging huge bits of scenery around.

And then Bond appeared and the whole thing began to get very good.

Best Olympic "Cauldron" ever, ever, ever in the history of the games.

(Someone correct me :))

#811276 - Sat Jul 28 2012 10:07 AM Re: Olympic opening ceremony [Re: Chavs]
ladymacb29 Offline

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For me, it's the second best cauldron - my favorite is still the one that was lit by the arrow (Atlanta or Barcelona?).

I liked it - yes, I thought the agrarian vs industrial revolution and then the "Go NHS!" things a bit annoying, but it required a lot less 'what do they mean by...?" thoughts than it did with Beijing, for example.

For some reason, the opening/closing ceremonies always make me cry - neat to see so many people from so many different countries coming together like this. And WONDERFUL to see some countries sending women for the first time.
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#811286 - Sat Jul 28 2012 11:16 AM Re: Olympic opening ceremony [Re: ladymacb29]
JaneMarple Offline
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I thought it was a fantastic opening ceremony. By far my favourite was the way the flame was lit, by the copper petals, and the way they let the "new generation" light the flame.
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#811403 - Sun Jul 29 2012 04:01 AM Re: Olympic opening ceremony [Re: JaneMarple]
ren33 Offline

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I agree Jane, to me the opening ceremony surpassed Beijing by miles. It was so human.
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#812009 - Wed Aug 01 2012 06:25 AM Re: Olympic opening ceremony [Re: ren33]
lorance79 Offline

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I thought it was great. The music, in particular, was AWESOME, as expected smile


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