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#812089 - Wed Aug 01 2012 01:15 PM School reunions
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Has anyone here been to one? If so, what was it like? How many years was it? I had one on Saturday night and it was a disaster. It was supposed to start at eight but nobody turned up for another 2 hours (I was the only one that bothered to turn up at the "official" start time). But even when people started to turn up, everybody just stayed in their social circles. Since I was the persecuted loner during school I just sat there at the back of the room all by myself. I had my doubts that anybody would be any different and I was certainly proved right. All it did was reinforce why I quit school in the first place.

* Just to clarify, it was an "unofficial" one - someone just put up an event page on Facebook so it wasn't at the school or anything like that.

How about you?
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#812120 - Wed Aug 01 2012 02:46 PM Re: School reunions [Re: Cuish]
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I had one six years ago (10 year), and I had a great time at mine. We could have done one last year (@ 15), but no one got involved, so we will probably have one in four years. There was a decent turnout at my 10 year, and a couple of classmates that I didn't really talk to much did then. One always gave me grief in high school, and she was one of the nicest ones there to me. She had a baby about a year prior, and (off specualtion only) I wonder if he didn't mellow her out; she wasn't a bad person by any means.
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#812125 - Wed Aug 01 2012 03:30 PM Re: School reunions [Re: dg_dave]
guitargoddess Online   FT-cool

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Not yet, I'm supposed to have one coming up in three years I guess. But thanks to Facebook I pretty much know what most people I was friends with are up to nowadays anyway.
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#812157 - Wed Aug 01 2012 05:10 PM Re: School reunions [Re: guitargoddess]
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Years ago I went along to reunion committee meeting at my old school - merely to observe. "Ha!" said the other half, "You'll end up organising it". "No I won't," I said, and I was determined not to, but have you ever tried to say "no" to a nun?

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I did end up organising my 25-year school reunion. I went to a Catholic girls' school and had to try to find about 150 girls, which wasn't easy considering most of them married and changed their last names, as was the custom decades ago. And let's not talk about trying to find people with names like Smith and Jones. There was no Facebook, or "social media", to make the job easy. I did it all with word of mouth, newspapers and telephone directories.

Out of 150, I managed to track down 90, which I thought was no mean feat after 25 years. Of the 90, some were too far away to attend, some had to work, some were "no longer with us", and I guess some were too fearful to come or weren't interested. Of the 90, we had 45 in attendance. We held a cocktail party at a hotel in the city, a centralised location.

I had some fears about how it would go and worried about some of the girls at school who were bullies, etc. However, it was a fantastic night. Basically, only one girl hadn't "moved on" since high school - she was still a piece of work. But for the rest, it was a wonderful night catching up with old friends. Even the girls who didn't get along in high school were pleased to see each other and new friendships were forged that night.

All in all, it was a very "positive" event. Certainly I would do it all over again if I had to.

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#812170 - Wed Aug 01 2012 06:36 PM Re: School reunions [Re: MotherGoose]
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I love them- besides going to about 7 schools (some were not for very long) what better than being able to return and only socialise without any of the work? One school had its first in 1986, following every few years until making them annual. That did mean fewer people came each time as wasn't such a major event, but it's not far to go and this year someone asked her whole year to come, meaning about 12 people from the year below me were there and always get to know more people each time. My primary school had two but I only knew of one in 2002, and was the first time (apart from voting there) I'd been back since 1969. Only a few people from when I was there turned up (and missed the only teacher as no one told me he was there till later) but walked the whole site from one end to the other and hardly any of it had changed, they'd just added more buildings. I went back to my first primary school I left in 1965 when we moved for a day in 1971 and had a great time including playing boys v girls at football. I think the only other place I was at properly only had a formal dinner recently which is not my idea of fun so didn't go and not aware of any previously but I'm on the mailing list now if they do.

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#812171 - Wed Aug 01 2012 07:03 PM Re: School reunions [Re: MotherGoose]
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I'm sorry to hear that your reunion wasn't a good experience, Cuish.

I've been to two of my reunions. The first one at 10 years the people were still sort of hanging out in the cliques we had in high school, although everyone was friendly.

The 20 year reunion was a blast. No longer did the little groups get together and, like MotherGoose said, new friendships were made. I didn't make it to my 30 year reunion, although I heard it was just as fun as the 20.
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#812196 - Wed Aug 01 2012 09:28 PM Re: School reunions [Re: ClaraSue]
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My mother just missed her 60th year one as she wasn't feeling well that day although she's been to a fair number before and think they're more often than that- I hope she doesn't have to wait that long to make up for it and she's OK next time! My annual one is for everyone and the age group is exactly that.
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#812289 - Thu Aug 02 2012 02:07 AM Re: School reunions [Re: satguru]
sue943 Offline

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I went to two.

The first was in 1985 for those who had been at the school in 1960 so included an age range of seven years, I was one of the younger ones having started at the school in September 1959. We were told that there would be a special guest, the nun who had been our headmistress later in our time at the school. Since obviously all teachers are ancient, nuns particularly so, we were expecting her to be delivered in a wheelchair and to be semi-gaga. Everyone was totally shocked when a woman in her fifties walked in, no nun's habit - our nuns used to not show any hair and wore long habits. She was in mufti and fresh from the hairdressers! She told us that she had been just 33 when she was made headmistress. Apart from the shock of her being young, we found that all the teachers were in fact young, many of course had been in their 20s when teaching us.

The second reunion was when we were 59 and was just our school year, that was great fun and we intended to have another when we were 60 but it didn't happen, perhaps we might have one for 65, I don't know.
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#812327 - Thu Aug 02 2012 08:09 AM Re: School reunions [Re: sue943]
rossian Online   content

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I've never been to one, and doubt I ever will. As far as I know, there has never been one for my school year, probably because the school changed, a couple of years after I left, from grammar to comprehensive. It also moved to a new, purpose built, set of buildings, which are still in use. The buildings in use from 'my' time were the original workhouse, which led to a fair bit of joking. My sister, four years younger and therefore at the 'new' school, has been to a couple, though.

I suspect my experience might well be the same as that of Cuish if I did go, as I didn't fit in the sporty group, or the financially well-off group or anywhere, really. I am still in touch with the two people from my school days that I wish to remain in contact with and will keep it that way.
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#812360 - Thu Aug 02 2012 12:11 PM Re: School reunions [Re: rossian]
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I've never been to any yet, although it is now over 20 years since I left high school ... scary laugh ... but I am pretty sure I would politely refuse.
I probably wouldn't recognise most of the students I went through school with. The few who still live in the area sometimes stop me and Mum and say hello to us - surprisingly enough, they seem to recognise Mum more than me - but I don't see the fascination of reunions myself smile
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#812489 - Thu Aug 02 2012 10:43 PM Re: School reunions [Re: JaneMarple]
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I have vivid memories of the first one I went to (20 years) - hadn't been in touch with most, as the majority stayed in the city, and I'd not had the money to go to previous ones.
I handed the keys of the car to my 18 year old daughter, told her to look after her brothers (16 & 12, be back at 4 to meet me and waved goodbye !
As I did so, three girls,also headed for the reunion, walked up with baby capsules, prams etc. Quite a few other arrived and talked about their preschoolers and kids in primary school...
I felt rather old and isolated !
Been to a couple since, but find that I have little in common with retired society ladies..they aren't much interested in my cows, and I'm not all that interested in their lunches and golf ! Don't think I will do it again.
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#812857 - Sat Aug 04 2012 02:05 PM Re: School reunions [Re: tezza1551]
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I HATED my 10 year high school Reunion (it was way back in 1976) The same people I disliked in school I disliked in 1976. Even more. It was a game of "Can you top this?
People were throwing around salaries, personal success stories that made me sick. One particularly obnoxious guy, Bob, came over. looked a my name tag and said he didn't remember me. He began."You know I'm a gynecologist.. I bring in the big bucks." "I'm happy for you," I said. "I would prefer a room with a better view." I countered. Of course you can have some fun with your patients; do you say, Dr. Castle at your cervix. I'm dilated to meet you." Right after that we left--never to return. Let Bob have his big bucks.
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#816178 - Sat Aug 18 2012 03:38 PM Re: School reunions [Re: vendome]
bloomsby Offline

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So far there has been only one reunion of my year group. It took place last year and I enjoyed it. Most of us hadn't seen one another since we left in 1963.

As for the school, it has moved in the opposite direction from Rossian's, and I was a shade apprehensive. wink The older buildings are the same, with some well thought out internal improvements and some excellent additional buildings. It is now much better kept and looks very smart. The name, site, grounds and even the pseudo-chivalric school song are unchanged.

However, at a fundamental level it is not the same school at all. In my day it was a (voluntary aided) grammar school and none of us paid a penny in fees, though the school was always pretentious and had ideas about itself; and we had to buy our uniforms at Harrod's. It is now an independent school and the fees are just over £14,000 a year. In other words, none of us would even have been able to dream of going there. A friend of mine who has done very well for himself said that he would have been unable to pay for his three kids to attend. I was glad that the Headmaster and other members of staff were very tactful and did not appeal for funds.

We made an agreement before the event began that there would be no take-offs - and as far as I'm aware everyone stuck to it.

There was none of the boorishness or boasting that Vendome had to put up with. All in all, it was a very civilized occasion. My only regret that it that I won't be able to attend the next one in a few weeks' time.

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#816289 - Sun Aug 19 2012 01:06 PM Re: School reunions [Re: bloomsby]
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Edit: Sorry, made a mistake. The post should have been in the smoking thread, so have moved it

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#817413 - Thu Aug 23 2012 12:56 AM Re: School reunions [Re: tellywellies]
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I would rather stick a pencil in my eye than go back there.

#822896 - Wed Sep 12 2012 09:58 PM Re: School reunions [Re: mountaingoat]
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We celebrated our 55 year class reunion August 16th. Our class has had a reunion every 5 years since we graduated.

It's not that big of an affair anymore, some of us played golf in the morning then it was a catered meal that evening.

It was a fair turn out, there were 60 there out of a class of 140. All in all it was a good day.

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#822932 - Wed Sep 12 2012 11:03 PM Re: School reunions [Re: gillyharold]
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They have one every 5 years for my class (15 year was 2011)...the woman that organizes it "friended" me on Facebook. I haven't spoken to her, nor have I gone to any of them and I doubt I ever will. I got along with just about every clique in high school but when I left I didn't keep any of the acquaintances active and really have no desire to rekindle them.


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