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#818495 - Sun Aug 26 2012 02:07 AM One Final Step
ozzz2002 Offline

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Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon, died today. He was 82.

I recall watching grainy black and white television at school, and heard the famous words, "That is one small step for man and one giant leap for mankind.", way back in 1969.

RIP, Moonman!

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#818514 - Sun Aug 26 2012 05:58 AM Re: One Final Step [Re: ozzz2002]
Chavs Offline

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I didn't realise until now just what a huge icon he was to me. It feels as if the present era has just shifted into being a past era.

"The next time you walk outside on a clear night and see the moon smiling down at you, think of Neil Armstrong and give him a wink."
-- Neil Armstrong's family.

I will!

#818524 - Sun Aug 26 2012 06:36 AM Re: One Final Step [Re: Chavs]
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Same for me, Ozzz2002. Even 43 years later, I remember the wait was agonizing... waiting, waiting for those grainy pictures to appear. It seemed like hours for an expectant primary school class. I'm not sure whether I realized at that time what a truly momentous achievement it was.
I really like that comment from Armstrong's family, Chavs, and I'll give the moon a wink too.

#818535 - Sun Aug 26 2012 07:26 AM Re: One Final Step [Re: MikeMaster99]
Christinap Offline

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Same for me Chavs, a sort of time shift has happened, I feel older for his passing. It is in retrospect I think that many of us who waited and watched for those first moon landing pictures, and later waited with bated breath for Apollo 13 to make it home, have realised how incredibly brave those early space pioneers, of all nationalities, actually were.

I shall be giving the moon a wink too.

#818552 - Sun Aug 26 2012 08:17 AM Re: One Final Step [Re: Christinap]
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This guy walked on the moon a few short weeks before I was born. I'm with the 'time shift' thing, Christina. Feels like the passing of an era.
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#818616 - Sun Aug 26 2012 12:33 PM Re: One Final Step [Re: Santana2002]
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#818682 - Sun Aug 26 2012 08:10 PM Re: One Final Step [Re: sue943]
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Given the great advances in technology since 1969, it increases my sense of awe and salute the bravery of Mr. Armstrong. He lived a life.


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