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#834234 - Thu Oct 25 2012 08:50 PM Ghost Bikes
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Does any body know of any ghost bikes in their part of the world?
There are 2 that i know of in my city, both were put up within the last couple of years and i find them to be especially poignant, being an avid cyclist myself, they are reminders to be especially careful in traffic.
What i also find interesting is that we've had more then a few bicycle fatalities, but only a ghost bike for a few. Why is that?
What is your general view on roadside memorials, in general?

#834250 - Thu Oct 25 2012 11:01 PM Re: Ghost Bikes [Re: george48]
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We have about one cyclist death per week here in South Florida. The victim is usually an elderly exercise rider or a day laborer travelling to or from work at dawn or dusk.
I haven't seen any ghost bikes. It may be that if one was put up, it was removed by municipal workers. There are strict zoning codes about what can and cannot be put on our roadsides. At two places I often pass in my own riding, there are candle jars, flowers and small placards. I think the rules are that nothing can be more than a foot high.

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